Increasing Number of Children Removed From Parents Custody For Refusal to Give Medications and Vaccinations

mercury in vaccines

Incidence of children being taken away from parents because of refusal to give dangerous medications, vaccinations or treatments is increasing at an alarming rate. This despite the fact that there is no law requiring a parent to give their child any medication, let alone dangerous or questionable medication that is known to have potentially severe side effects. There are no laws on the books requiring parents to vaccinate their children, which is good considering the large amount of mercury in most vaccines.

So why are parents subjected to CPS abuse cases and lengthy, expensive court cases for doing what they feel is right for their children- especially when it is not illegal? Some children have even been removed from their parents homes due to refusal of the parents to give medications with well documented potential side effects. According to the Daily Mail:

A mother was involved in a ten-hour stand-off with a police SWAT team after refusing to give her child some medication. Maryanne Godboldo, from Detroit, was accused of medically neglecting her 13-year-old daughter Ariana by not administering her with an anti-psychotic drug. Staff from the Child Protective Services, accompanied by police, turned up at Godboldo’s home to take her child into state care.

A SWAT team then descended on the 56-year-old woman’s house with a tank and automatic rifles after she was accused of firing a gun at police officers. After a ten-hour stand-off, which resulted in the mother giving herself up, Ariana was taken into protective custody. The girl had been home-schooled by her mother but wanted to start going to a regular school, which required her to take a number of immunisations, reports

The girl then suffered adverse reactions to these shots and her mother was told to put her on a prescribed pyschotropic drug. ‘She began acting out of character, being irritated, having facial grimaces that have been associated with immunisations,’ the child’s aunt, Penny Godboldo, told the Detroit News.

Another recent incident involving CPS seizing a newborn because the mother didn’t want to give a hepatitis B vaccine casts questions on what the law specifically requires parents to do. Can CPS go around child grabbing at will or do they actually have to restrict their child grabbing to cases of abuse?

When Jodi Ferris arrived at Hershey Medical Center after giving birth in an ambulance, the last thing she and her husband, Scott, expected was to lose custody of their newborn daughter, forcing them to spend the first night of their daughter’s life sleeping in their car in the parking lot across the street.

mercury in vaccinesBut that is exactly what happened after Jodi—like any concerned mom—apparently asked hospital staff too many questions about the care her baby daughter was receiving.

In March we told you about the civil rights case HSLDA filed against the Pennsylvania social worker and Hershey Medical Center staff who seized “Annie” shortly after she was born.But that is exactly what happened after Jodi—like any concerned mom—apparently asked hospital staff too many questions about the care her baby daughter was receiving.

Several months later, in July, the social worker and the medical defendants both asked the federal district court judge to dismiss the lawsuit. If these motions had been granted, the case would have ended.

Now, we’re pleased to report a major victory in this case. Last week the judge denied both motions to dismiss, allowing the Ferrises’ case to proceed.

In a world where anti-psychotic medications come with warnings that they sometimes cause psychotic episodes, homicidal thoughts and suicidal thoughts, and where vaccines are laced with aluminum and mercury, does it even make sense to trudge unquestioningly following every order doctors give? Or should we all be asking questions and staying informed about our children’s healthcare?

Here is a great tip from a fellow blogger about options that you do have if you decide to have your children vaccinated:

If you decide to get the flu shot, keep this advice in mind: Insist on being vaccinated from a “single dose vial.” Flu shots come in multi-dose vials and single-dose vials. Multi-dose vials are preserved with 25mcg of Mercury, a neurotoxin which has a toxicity level 1,000 times that of lead. Drug companies label this as Thimerosal. Single-dose vials are mercury-free with the exception of GlaxoSmithKline’s “FluLaval.”

It’s thought that mercury combined with other preservatives in the vaccine, – formaldehyde and aluminum – creates a potentially toxic, synergistic effect. One scientist stated that “people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3-5 years had a ten-fold greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who did not have any flu shots ( International Journal of Clinical Investigation 2005; 1:1-4).

And here’s some helpful information about anti-psychotic drugs for your information:

What is even more nonsensical about the explosion in prescription antipsychotics is that there is hardly any scientific data to show that the drugs are effective at treating what they claim to, while there is significant amounts of research linking antipsychotics to suicide, diabetes, weight gain, decreased life expectancy, and triggering an array of metabolic conditions.

Of course the link between suicide and antispychotic and anti-depressant drugs was completely covered up by Eli Lilly & Co, the makers of Prozac. Despite research conducted as far back as the 1980′s finding that Prozac actually leads to suicide, which is the very thing it is often prescribed to treat, the company hid the evidence until a Harvard psychiatrist leaked the information into the press. The psychiatrist, Martin Teicher, stated that the American people were being treated like guinea pigs in a massive pharmaceutical experiment.

So be informed and be aware and share factual information with others. We don’t need to go along with everything that doctors and government agencies say blindly. We need to be informed and make decisions based on our own intuition and common sense for the well being of our children’s future and try to further individual thought in society. That’s the only hope we seem to have of keeping the next generation from being brain damaged by deadly toxins disguised as beneficial medications.



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