Man Shot by Police Dies in Police Wrong House Raid due to Wrong Info From Informant

law enforcement immune to consequences

Man Dies in Wrong Door Invasion by Tennessee Police

“Who could have known that criminal informants don’t give 100% reliable information? Not me. I just assume that any criminal informant was probably 100% correct and honest and had perfectly good intentions…”  said the dumbest person in the world ever.

Is there really any excuse for invading a home short of imminent violence or some such urgent situation? I don’t believe that it is the job of the police, sheriff department or anyone else to raid any home where they suspect something criminal might be going on or a drug informant says there is something criminal going on.

In recent years there have been more and more SWAT style home invasions by law enforcement and increasingly they have proven to be unnecessary, counterproductive and end tragically. Why are so many people unaware of this increasing problem?

This news article is sure to point out that the resident shot first. Who wouldn’t shoot first, when you have no clue what is going on and strange men swarm into your house? Shouldn’t this type of criminal behavior be left to criminals? Why are the people that are supposed to be enforcing the law causing such chaos and turmoil in such a completely predictable way? I’m sure the answer will be to disarm citizens so they can’t defend themselves to make it safer for law enforcement to invade homes. Never mind the fact that this would leave citizens unarmed against non law enforcement criminals. Never mind the fact that gun control has been proven over and over again to increase violent crime.

Furthermore, how much is this going to cost the tax payers? I am not saying that this poor widow shouldn’t sue. I would if I were in her shoes. BUT why do members of law enforcement spend so much time doing so much wrong that they end up costing the tax payers that they are supposed to be protecting so much money?

How much good does it really do the public to put two officers on administrative leave WITH PAY, and then decided they didn’t do anything wrong by invading some innocent persons home and shooting them, and then let them come back to work when the public loses interest? Because I bet money that’s what’s going to happen. It happens time and time again.

Several aspects of “the War on Drugs” infuriate me beyond belief. For instance, we currently pay our military for guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. We also have Eric Holder caught giving guns illegally to Mexican drug cartels. We arm many different branches of foreign military / factions including sending 10 billion dollars of aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who currently has an anti-American president. THEN US citizens get raided because someone says that they think they could have drugs in their home but DON’T. And when some innocent person gets shot it’s a “mistake” instead of a tragedy and someone goes on administrative leave with pay instead of jail. But who goes to jail? Wesley Snipes just got out of jail after three years for tax evasion… Yeah, that’s right… people are in jail for nonviolent crimes and not following in line, the police are allowed to victimize citizens without consequences and innocent people die and all the while our tax money goes to help promote war and drugs…

Now we learn that marijuana has no connection to causing cancer, but can actually be used to shrink tumors in lung cancer patients, as well as many other useful benefits, BUT laws and prejudice is already in place to keep people from having access to natural medicines that actually work.

Who’s the criminal here? The dude who uses marijuana and doesn’t hurt anyone… or the entire government (and corporate friends) who make nonviolent issues such as using marijuana illegal and put people in jail for it, while simultaneously using taxpayer money to guard and promote drug manufacture and reap endless monetary benefits while further devastating a foreign culture?

Everyone call your lawmakers to protest home invasions. It’s a serious threat in our society.


Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

A 61-year-old man was shot to death by police while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night. They intended to raid the home next door.

The two officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, were placed on administrative leave with pay.

“They need to get rid of those men, boys with toys,” said Adams’ 70-year-old widow, Loraine.

John Adams was watching television when his wife heard pounding on the door. Police claim they identified themselves and wore police jackets. Loraine Adams said she had no indication the men were police.

“I thought it was a home invasion. I said ‘Baby, get your gun!,” she said, sitting amid friends and relatives gathered at her home to cook and prepare for Sunday’s funeral.

Resident Fired First

Police say her husband fired first with a sawed-off shotgun and they responded. He was shot at least three times and died later at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Loraine Adams said she was handcuffed and thrown to her knees in another room when the shooting began.

“I said, ‘Y’all have got the wrong person, you’ve got the wrong place. What are you looking for?“‘

“We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made,” Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks said. “It’s a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again.” He said, however, the two policemen were not at fault.

law enforcement immune to consequencesThe Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating. NAACP officials said they are monitoring the case. Adams was black. The two policemen are white.

Family members did not consider race a factor and Weeks agreed, but said the shooting will be “a major setback” for police relations with the black community.

“We know that, we hope to do everything we can to heal it,” Weeks said.

Johnny Crudup, a local NAACP official, said the organization wanted to make sure and would investigate on its own.

Weeks said he has turned the search warrant and all other evidence over to the bureau of investigation and District Attorney General Tommy Thompson. A command officer must now review all search warrants.


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