Kansas To Eric Holder: “If you had ever read the Constitution, you would know that you sound like an idiot right now.”

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Note to the public: It is now considered unconstitutional for you to uphold and defend the constitution.

Yes, that’s right. Supporting the constitution is unconstitutional according to our federal government.

Anyone remember back in April, Kansas passed this bill called the Second Amendment Protection Act, to protect the Second Amendment rights of Kansas citizens from an over-bearing federal government?

Eric Holder didn’t like this bill and sent a letter to Kansas to try to be all tough-guy over it:

And the plot thickened on this little drama when last Thursday, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, fired back with THIS letter:


Something to note is the epic rant on interstate commerce power and Congress’ over-reaching and over-assertion of its regulatory authority in that realm (“For the past 80 years….”)

Another particularly interesting note is the one referring to “Fast and Furious”. In case you forgot, Eric Holder’s department was caught walking guns into Mexico and handing them over to Mexican drug cartels. The excuse used is that they were ‘tracking” how these guns are used. Problem with that cover story is that none of the guns had any tracking devices or numbers.

Sooo… as it turns out, it looks more like they were given to Mexican drug cartels to be used against Mexicans and Americans. President Obama indicated in a speech in Mexico the other day that most guns in Mexico come from America. It seems as if there is some kind of official plan to cause problems between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder, the man in charge of the department responsible for giving thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, and helping president Obama and the entire left wing of US government to take Second Amendment rights away from US citizens, is now lecturing the state of Kansas on how “unconstitutional” their value and protection of their second amendment rights is.




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