Should police really have the right to do anything to anyone at any time simply because they are police?

law enforcement immune to consequences

Should police really have the right to do anything to anyone at any time simply because they are police? Or should they have to restrict themselves to a higher standard of conduct so that they don’t victimize innocent people?


These are the questions that concern many these days and for good reason.

Does every domestic disturbance complaint deserve having  police come, break down the door and taser occupants? Even if there is no apparent problem at the moment?

This video shows officers breaking into a home and tasering people who live there. Supposedly there was a call about a domestic violence disturbance and they were answering it. Even if that is the case, there was nothing going on at the moment. Shouldn’t there be some sort of standard for what should be a valid reason to break a door down and taser people who are just living a regular, normal life?

Locally, I know of  a family that was just sitting in their apartment eating supper one evening when police barged in unannounced and said they were there to inspect the apartment. Their young son is still scared of police and that was over a month ago.

Fortunately it did not become a physical police abuse incident like the one below where a policeman barges in unannounced and threatens to taser a man:

Police raids are growing at an enormously disproportional rate compared to crime and often police are accused of acting more like terrorists than public servants. Instead of protecting the public from a valid threat, they often seem to be flexing their own muscles to the detriment of society and frequently victimizing innocent individuals in the process.

That is not to say that all law enforcement officers are bad. Not by a long shot. But these abusive and dangerous individuals make all law enforcement look bad. So why are they tolerated?

The constitution makes it perfectly clear that the government in the United States can’t go around victimizing private citizens. That is, after all, one of the reasons our system of government was conceived and set up the way it is. The founding fathers were sick of the abusive practices by monarchs and decided to see if people could govern themselves.

Now we see the ugly truth. Few people in government care about abusive practices. Few people in government are interested in restricting government power so long as they are in the class of nobility that is granted the right to abuse with impunity and even act to the detriment of the masses. And few private citizens are aware or acknowledge that this is a growing and dangerous problem that needs to be addressed immediately if not sooner.

Is Barging into Your Home and Abusing You Really Their Job

There is a reason why police should be restricted from barging into other peoples homes unannounced  It is because innocent people die all of the time from incidents involving raids and even wrong door raids. I suppose there might be rare occasions where it might be reasonable… for instance, if there is a current, life threatening crime taking place at the moment. In general, though, is it reasonable that police everywhere are just suddenly starting to barge into people’s homes without warrants as if they own the place? Are we happy with this in society? Are we content to live where our own gestapo can barge in at any time demanding submission?

Think about the 61 year old man who was recently shot and killed when storm troopers, Uh… I mean, police raided his house because of wrong information given to them by a criminal informant. What about the guy who was shot 16 times in bed when law enforcement showed up without a search warrant.

It isn’t JUST home invasions that have me bothered. People walking down the street are routinely harassed as well, but harassment and brutality just seem that much worse in the sanctity of a family home for some reason.

Think about it. Do you want this to keep on increasing at the rate it has been? What about your children and their children? We should all relentlessly write our government, organize protests and demand change in the laws that govern the government before more good people die.


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