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Irs used to target people who disagree with the president

One thing I admire about Ron Paul is that he’ll say out loud in front of hundreds of politicians or reporters what millions of people are thinking but no other politician will admit.

The IRS has always been used to abuse and subjugate people. Everyone who has ever had any dealings with them knows it. On a personal note, when my father was recovering from a broken back and unable to work the IRS hounded him mercilessly.

These are the people who will soon be in charge of your healtchare. Think about it. Why should this government agency exist? If it was gone it would be one less thing to worry about and we could concentrate on fixing other travesties like SWAT team invasions and police brutality.

Ron Paul: Fix IRS by Shutting It ‘Once and For All’

Former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas called the recent IRS fiasco troubling — but writes that the only way Congress can protect the freedoms of Americans from a long pattern of suspected IRS abuse is to “shutter the doors” of the agency “once and for all.”

The longtime GOP congressman writes that IRS agents in the 1930s were essentially “hit squads” against opponents of the New Deal, and that allegations of IRS abuse spanned the administrations of Presidents KennedyNixonClinton and George W. Bush.


“The bipartisan tradition of using the IRS as a tool to harass political opponents suggests that the problem is deeper than just a few ‘rogue’ IRS agents — or even corruption within one, two, three or many administrations,” Dr. Paul writes in his weekly column, “Texas Straight Talk. “Instead, the problem [lies] in the extraordinary power the tax system grants the IRS.”

The libertarian and tea party hero goes on to argue that the power of the IRS can only be countered with a complete overhaul to the country’s tax system.

Irs used to target people who disagree with the president

“The federal government will get along just fine without its immoral claim on the fruits of our labor, particularly if the elimination of federal income taxes are accompanied by serious reduction in all areas of spending, starting with the military spending beloved by so many who claim to be opponents of high taxes and big government,” he writes. “While it is important for Congress to investigate the most recent scandal and ensure all involved are held accountable, we cannot pretend that the problem is a few bad actors. The very purpose of the IRS is to transfer wealth from one group to another while violating our liberties in the process, thus the only way Congress can protect our freedoms is to repeal the income tax and shutter the doors of the IRS once and for all.”

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