Illinois: The State Where You can Face 75 Years In Prison for Video Taping Police (Corruption) at Work

I guess that makes sense. We should probably put people in prison for 75 years for video taping police doing police work in public places, while we simultaneously turn rapists, murders, child molesters and thugs loose to torment the rest of us. Suurrree….

This is the brilliant reasoning and logic that has gotten our government to the point where it is today. People go to jail for annoying anyone in power, but as long as you’re only hurting random peons, it’s all good.

Does it cost a lot of taxpayer money unnecessarily? Sure. Is it inherently unfair? Sure. Does it cause social turmoil? Sure. But the really important thing is that us nobodies know our place like good peasants and surfs.

Well, at least we won’t inconvenience corrupt police officers. That’s the important thing. We don’t want to cause them any unnecessary stress when they are mercilessly beating a a man for not signing a traffic ticket or shooting family dogs and handcuffing diabetic children to tanks in a wrong door raid or conducting a roadside body cavity search. No… we should be the ones showing restraint. Not them, though. They should go right ahead with their wrong door raids and brutal attacks and fatal shootings of innocent people. We should do things exactly like they want done and never EVER question their authority. What a bunch of B.S.

How can you be charged with “wiretapping and eavesdropping” when someone is in public, anyway? Courts have ruled repeatedly that there is no perception of privacy while in public. Police cars have dash cams that record everyone all of the time, but they don’t go to jail for 75 years.

Incidentally, a man was recently charged with this trumped up B.S. because he was smart enough to figure out that the antique cars that Illinois officers were “impounding” were being illegally re-titled and sold for a profit by the officers. He recorded the officers stealing vehicles for profit and in Illinois that enough to get charged with a felony.

When are we going to take back control of this madness? We need to make rules that make sense and enforce them fairly!

Illinois: The State Where You can Face 75 Years In Prison for Video Taping Police at Work

Michael Allison faces 75 years in prison for five counts of recording law enforcement officials without their consent in Robinson, Illinois.

Illinois is one of the states applying old eavesdropping and wiretapping statutes to new technologies like cell phones or anything else that records audio.

Most states allow citizens to record audio in public of on-duty law enforcement officials without their permission. But that’s considered a felony in Illinois, punishable by up to 15 years in prison for each offense.


2 Responses to Illinois: The State Where You can Face 75 Years In Prison for Video Taping Police (Corruption) at Work

  1. Patrick says:

    That’s horrific. If this man is found guilty, we need to protest and this man needs to take it all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      I totally agree. I believe he probably will have charges reduced or something, but I guess there’s a chance that the charges won’t be dropped. I think we need to all stand up to the legislators in IL and put them in their place. Of course it shouldn’t be illegal to video tape police. Out in public, you can video tape anyone… but in IL it’s not only illegal but gets up to 15 years prison per count?!? Ridiculous!

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