Police Raid Wrong Home – Shoot Army Vets Dog | “Oops. My bad.”

Another day, another… wrong door raid where police shoot an unarmed man’s tied- up dog and then walk away like nothing happened pending “investigation”.

Nothing generally comes of these investigations. Often officers are put on administrative leave while they are investigated for a couple of months and then put back to work. This seriously happens about every month in the United States. You may not have any family affected by it yet, but as it keeps happening more and more frequently, you probably will.

If it were only pets, it wouldn’t be QUITE as traumatic and terrifying, but sometimes people are wrongly shot and killed during these raids that make us SOOO much safer. It is obvious that the frequency in which wrong door raids end up killing innocent people indicates that these raids should be illegal to begin with. Is there any justification for “law enforcement” to barge into a home, especially at night, where no violent or imminently threatening crime is taking place?

With places like New York making it a crime to “annoy” police, I am sure that we will be hearing more witness testimony that the police couldn’t avoid shooting someone because they were being antagonistic…

Americans need to rise up and put a stop to the abuse that is blatantly going on all around them every day before it is literally too late.


Police Raid Wrong Home – Shoot Army Vets Dog | “Oops. My bad.”

BUFFALO, NY — Adam Arroyo returned home from work to find his door busted down, and his apartment in shambles, riddled with bullet holes, and stained with blood. The government had paid him a visit while he was away.

Police were performing one of the many, many home raids that occur annually in the tyrannical Drug War.

Arroyo’s dog, Cindy, had been killed by police. But police raided the wrong home.

“She’s over here, chained up, and look at all these bullet holes man. Look at the blood right here,” Arroyo explained. “She was tied up in the kitchen like I tie her up every single day, and they shot her for no reason.”

“For police to wrongfully come into my house and murder my dog… It wasn’t that they felt threatened. No. They murdered my dog,” said Arroyo, beginning to tear up.

“That was my dog, man. That was my dog. They didn’t have to do that, you know. They didn’t have to do that.”

Arroyo now has to pay to have Cindy cremated. He also had to repair his door at his own cost and has had to miss work.



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