Student Suspended for Dissarming Classmate on Schoolbus | Debate Rages About Gun-Free Zones

mass murderers agree gun control works

A Fort Meyers, Florida high school student was suspended for disarming a classmate on the buss last week according to news reports.

The gunman was a football player who allegedly pulled out a loaded gun and aimed it at another student on the buss and threatened to shoot. This has already triggered nationwide, and even international, press coverage. It has also sparked debate about statutes purporting to create so-called “gun-free zones” at schools, which critics say make schools into a “magnet” for mass shooters. There are currently two bills in Congress to repeal the controversial 1990Gun Free School Zones Act.”

zombie free zoneThe 15-year-old suspected gunman in the Florida case, apparently a football player, was reportedly arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office following the threat and subsequent scuffle, authorities confirmed. At this point, he has been charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon “without intent to kill,” according to a police report about the incident cited in local media reports. The investigation, however, is still underway.

Fear For His Life Was Student’s Motivation To Disarm Gunman

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there.” said the suspended 16 year old student, “he was going to shoot him point blank,” adding that he was confused about why he was being punished for disarming a potential murderer. “It’s dumb…. How [are] they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?”

“I said, ‘Are you going to shoot me bro?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to whack you,'” the victim told reporters about what happened, adding that other students on the bus then rushed the suspect and grabbed his gun before tragedy struck. “I’m thankful for the people that came to help…. I was scared; I thought my life was in danger.”

The arrest report confirmed that the .22 caliber RG-14 revolver found on the suspect was indeed loaded. It also noted that the 15-year-old alleged gunman, whose name is being withheld from most media accounts because he is a minor, was “pointing the gun directly” at another student and “threatening to shoot him.”

Three Students Disarmed Gunman and Were Suspended

mass murderers agree gun control worksAccording to witnesses interviewed by local reporters, that is when the 16-year-old student, who was suspended along with at least two others, tackled the alleged gunman and wrestled the gun away from him. The day after the incident, the Good Samaritan received an “emergency” three-day suspension for being involved in a situation with a weapon present. Two other students involved in the scuffle were also reportedly suspended.

Suspended Students Mother Feels Son Responded Appropriately

The mother of one of the suspended students who helped tackle the gunman expressed shock that her son would be in trouble for doing the right thing. Speaking to WFTX under the condition of anonymity, the concerned mom said she could not understand why her teen would be suspended for potentially helping to save lives. However, she mentioned that her son was refusing to cooperate with the investigation out of fear — one potential reason for his suspension.

“If they wouldn’t’ve did what they had to do on that bus I think there would have been a lot of fatalities,” she said. “Those kids had to fight for their lives. All the kids that was involved in this they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”

Unsurprisingly, the controversial suspensions have attracted outrage from readers and local Floridians. Critics say the students who helped disarm the gunmen should be applauded, not punished. Even if the Good Samaritans are refusing to cooperate with the investigation out of fear for their own safety — “snitches get stitches” is a common saying among large swaths of American youth — opponents of the suspensions say punishing the teenagers is highly inappropriate.

Media Gun Hype Feed Irrational Thought and Behavior

Of course, this is hardly the first time that school authorities have made controversial decisions related to disciplining students for firearm-related incidents. In recent years, for example — as The New American has documented extensively — numerous children have been suspended or disciplined for things like drawing guns on paper, possessing “Hello Kitty” bubble guns, making their hand into the shape of a firearm and saying “bang,” chewing a breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun or even wearing clothes with pictures of firearms.

The School Gun-Free Zone Debate Rages On

The case has also re-ignited the public debate about statutes declaring schools to be so-called “gun-free zones.” As countless experts have explained, rules purporting to ban the possession of firearms by law-abiding citizens — teacher, administrators, bus drivers, and parents — on school property only ensure that would-be killers can murder freely and with impunity until armed authorities arrive on the scene.

Following the lead of liberty-minded former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has re-introduced the “Citizens Protection Act” (H.R.133) in Congress that would repeal the 1990 “Gun Free School Zones Act.” Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) also introduced another bill, known as the “Safe Schools Act” (H.R. 35), to repeal the gun-free zone statute, arguing that school staff should be able to defend children with deadly force if needed — without fear of prosecution.

Gun rights activists have long suggested ending the controversial policy of ensuring that schools are filled with defenseless potential victims. They argue, among other points, that politicians, celebrities, banks, government facilities, the president, and others are all protected with firearms. School children, by contrast, are “protected” by signs informing people that the facility is a “gun-free zone.”


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