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Teen Girl Kidnapped by the State, Forced to Undergo Chemo, Denied Communication with Mom

Hartford, CT — In September of last year, 17-year-old Cassandra C., received some horrible news. Doctors diagnosed her with Hodgkin lymphoma, in which cancer originates from white blood cells called lymphocytes.

Doctors then recommended chemotherapy.

Concerned about the effects of chemotherapy, Cassandra decided that she would rather seek out alternative treatment. In an interview with the AP, Cassandra explained that she didn’t want to have “such toxic, harmful drugs” in her body, and she’d like to explore alternative treatments. She said that she understands “death is the outcome of refusing chemo” but believes in “the quality of my life, not the quantity.”

Worried about the chemo, Cassandra and her mother sought out a second opinion from Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

However, the doctors didn’t like this decision, so they contacted agents of the state to force Cassandra to do what they wanted her to do.

In November, government agents from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, kidnapped Cassandra and placed her in a foster home. She eventually agreed to chemo and was allowed to return home. However, after she found out that she would have to have surgery to implant the chemotherapy port in her chest, she ran away.

“I felt like I had no other options,” she said.

According to the AP,

On Dec. 9, after she returned home, a Connecticut Superior Court judge granted DCF temporary custody of Cassandra, who was admitted to the hospital and forced to resume the chemotherapy.

In January, the state Supreme Court ruled that kidnapping Cassandra, and forcing her to undergo medical treatment against her will, does not violate her rights. The court stated that she was not mature enough to make that decision for herself.

Since January, Cassandra has been medically imprisoned by the state, “hoping beyond hope” that a judge would let her leave the hospital.

However, on Wednesday, a judge ruled that the 17-year-old girl must be kept in state custody until they are finished forcefully medicating her against her will.

To add insult to forced medication and kidnapping, the state refuses to let Cassandra see her mom. Cassandra has not been allowed to see nor speak to her mother since January 1.

“I cried when I found out,” Cassandra told “I’m just heartbroken right now. Why are they keeping me from my mom? It is really unnecessary. I want to be with my mom. I’m devastated.”

In the Land of the Free, a young woman can be taken from her family and forced to undergo medical procedures against her will. In the Land of the Free, the state can take your children and keep you from seeing them. In the Land of the Free, this is called Justice.


You Don’t Have the Right to Protect Your Children From Kidnapping and Drugging if the Perp is the Government

charges reinstated on mom persecuted by government for not continuing to give her child psych meds

You Don’t Have the Right to Protect Your Children From Kidnapping and Drugging if the Perp is the Government

Parents no longer have the right to parent in this country. Once the government accepts a conclusion, as to what is the “right” way to do things, they will enforce it.

I mean, of course they know what’s best in all situations! They are God, aren’t they?!? So if the government accepts the flawed notion that psychiatric medication is the best avenue for a child with moderate mental or emotional issues, then they get to enforce that upon parents and communities… even if it’s not true and has been proven to be untrue.

They can send a SWAT team to your house, confiscate your child, force them to take any medications they want and you, the parent, can be left helpless and alone wondering where your child is and when you’ll ever see them again.


After 2 years Charges Reinstated for Mom who Resisted Having her Child Confiscated for Forced Medication

DETROIT, MI — After 2 years, Maryanne Godboldo, the mother who resisted the forced drugging of her daughter, is having felony charges piled back on her. Let’s recap the story, which culminated with a SWAT standoff in March 2011.

Maryanne Godboldo is a mother of a handicapped child, and homeschooled her daughter up until age 13. At that point she wanted to send her to public middle school, and falsely believed that she must immunize her to attend, thanks to an overwhelming disinformation campaign held up by ignorant school administrators, ignorant doctors, and willfully ignorant media outlets.

Maryanne gave her daughter the vaccines and her daughter started having facial spasms and other signs of neurological damage. She asked the “medical experts” what to do, and they prescribe more drugs to fix the damage from the last drugs. The subsequent regimen of psychotropic drugs made her daughter even worse, and Maryanne discontinues the medicine.

charges reinstated on mom persecuted by government for not continuing to give her child psych medsChild Protective Services gets wind of this and government enforcers come to force the mother to keep drugging her kid. When SWAT surrounded her house to confiscate her daughter, Maryanne Godboldo took a stand when the goons tried to break into her home. She held out for eight hours before the state seized her daughter.

After months of expensive court battles, she finally got her daughter returned to her and the charges were dropped.

UPDATE: 5/29/2013

After two years, felony charges have been reinstated on Maryanne. She has been charged with discharge of a weapon, three counts of felonious assault, resisting and obstructing an officer and felony firearm. She could face years of prison time and the breakup of her family all over again.


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Cop Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting | A Narcissist Predators Dream Job

Cop Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting

Cop Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting

If you are one of the many that think that all people who are arrested or are harassed by police must have done something to deserve it, here is a case that should give you a different perspective. If you can watch the clip below and still feel that way, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear your opinion.

This despicable display of abuse of power is difficult to watch. Monica Contreras, who was in court on a routine divorce manner was inexplicably ordered into a room alone for a drug search by a male court marshal.

He ordered her to lift her shirt and she told him she would rather be searched by a female officer and request to at least have a witness present. After her requests were ignored, she stepped back into court to complain about the incident and was immediately arrested and her two year old taken from her citing a law that doesn’t exist in Nevada or anywhere else for that matter.

The victim is handcuffed and hauled away crying while her 2 year old child watches for no other reason than protesting the way she was searched – by a male without a witness present.

8 News NOW Clip of Woman Claiming to Be Sexually Assaulted in Court Being Arrested by The Alleged Assaulter

LAS VEGAS — Clark County taxpayers may have to pay settlement money to a sexual assault victim and the family court marshal accused of assaulting her.

Cop Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For ProtestingThe I-Team broke the story of a wide-ranging investigation into family court abuse last month. Marshal Ron Fox was fired for sexually assaulting a woman in court and arresting her when she spoke up about it.

The video the I-Team uncovered is spurring outrage with viewers and shaking up the court. But the marshal that internal affairs called a liar may still get a taxpayer funded payday. The I-Team uncovered video of marshal Ron Fox arresting Monica Contreras. She was in court for a protection order hearing.

Internal affairs documents reviewed by the I-Team conclude Fox took Contreras to a side room and inappropriately searched her. When Contreras told

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