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Opinion: My Opinion on Opinion

It is my opinion that opinion is opinion, especially when it is already categorized as opinion.

I was told by a kind and well meaning editor of a publication (which is gracious enough to regularly publicize my political opinion pieces) that it is necessary to support my less than popular opinions with backup reference material.  I would have to assume then, that in this view, popular opinions don’t need to be backed up, just because they are accepted.

After all, I never received an objection to my lack of backup material until I expressed some opinions viewed by some as “conspiracy theories”.  In an opinion piece I stated that evidence exists  indicating that Sandy Hook was a hoax, that the Boston Marathon bombing was at least partially faked,  that 9/11 was an inside job, and that mountains of substantiating material can be found online to support all of these these views.

Anyone who wants to substantiate those views need only do one quick Google or YouTube search to come up with page upon page of well researched material supporting the truth of such claims.In other opinion pieces, I have written about more generally accepted conservative points of view.  No supporting references were ever requested.  Objectionable to liberals, pro-constitution opinion is quite palatable to conservatives in general.  But if you try to challenge the status quo with an opinion contrary to GOP platforms, you suddenly are expected to present reference material.

Popularity does not establish truth.  Only truth can do that.

Exactly how does one draw a line separating extraordinary opinion from ordinary opinion?  What makes any opinion extraordinary, and why does opinion which one observer may perceive as extraordinary beg backup, while a more commonly believed opinion needs none? After all, both are nothing more than opinions.

If the answer is that backup material is intended to establish a position of truth, then it’s just as logical to expect popular opinions also to be backed up with its own supporting evidence.  The fact that an opinion is commonly believed is independent of its truth or untruth.

Majority opinion does not establish truth.  It only establishes popularity, and out of the norm points of view are never going to win popularity contests.  In fact, truth itself is often very unpopular. Who can decide that any opinion is out of line when it’s just too easy to do a Google search and find two to three pages of supporting evidence on the side of whatever opinion you want to support?

Because the majority of the public believes the propaganda about Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings does not mean that statements which disagree with the official story need more backup than the commonly believed story need.  I believe that if a reader disagrees with my position, they will probably dismiss my opinion as invalid and just move on, regardless of the backup material I’ve chosen.  After all, we all tend to choose backup material that suits our own propositions anyway.Perhaps I’m out of line, but I believe that an unpopular opinion that falls outside of accepted standards of perception is no less valid than is one that everyone feels warm and fuzzy about, and that it therefore begs no more support than does the more popular opinion.

So, I’m only going to present backup material  when I feel like it, and on;y when the backup material us something I like…….Well, okay, I’ll make exceptions and sacrifice the strength of my point in exchange for a little more publicity….if I really have to.  In this case, I did.

And I don’t like that I had to do it.I just had to vent. It’s not easy going against the grain.


FEMA’s “Pandemic Influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise” scheduled for November 13th

ebola false flag

Is an Ebola false flag event be about to unfold?

FEMA’s own website says “yes” – but they are calling it a “training exercise”  -unless they should  decide to create another fake emergency for the media to broadcast, in which case it will become another false flag event.

Federal agency orchestrated “drills”, also called “training exercises” in federal agency lingo, have been connected with every recent major American news event that has had anything to do with possible endangerment to public safety.

What’s really motivating and driving the actions of the DHS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, and a host of other agencies who claim to be working for our public safety?

Who is the SIFMA?

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) recently published this recap of the event sequence of a training exercise apparently designed to prepare federal agencies for response in case of the development of an Ebola pandemic.  According to this document, the program is currently scheduled to begin taking place in the next few days.

Did you get that title, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association? According to SIFMA’s website, the group “represents hundreds of securities firms, banks, and asset managers.”  That sounds reasonable – an investment information group.

What could a professional group which manages investments and securities have to do with FEMA emergency pandemic exercises?  When you donate a dollar to help find a cure for Ebola, where is your dollar going?

I don’t have any answers, but I do know that there appears to be a connection.  I’m just asking some questions.
This page detailing the planned Ebola pandemic training drill,

appears on the SIFMA website.  One of the contacts on this FEMA document is a man named Karl Schimmick, a CEO of the SIFMA.

An overview of the pandemic training exercise and schedule is also found there.

 DHS training drills and major news event history in the United States

Numerous federally conducted “drills” presented in recent years to the public as actual events have turned out to be full scale faked emergencies.  The public is led to believe in the reality of these events via manipulated media presentations.  “False flag” events have historically been popular methods by which governments have deceptively achieved specific political objectives.

The history of American false flag events

False flag events are politically motivated. In the most extreme cases, a false flag event is used to justify war.  The creation of fabricated news events in the pursuit of political objectives is nothing new. The United States has for nearly two centuries staged false flag events as a pretense to war.  An informative summary of the American history false flags can be found on

The Boston Marathon “Bombing”

The so-called Boston marathon bombing didn’t go down as it was presented by mainstream media reports.  Interestingly, the DHS admits that the entire event was planned as a training exercise months before the alleged bombing took place.  “Operation Urban Shield” was planned many months before the Boston Marathon.  Eyewitness accounts reported the presence of bomb sniffing dogs under the control of bomb squads along the marathon route on the morning of the event.  Yet nothing was uncovered. The line of distinction between the “training exercise” and the alleged bombing itself is blurry.  Evidence points strongly to the possibility that the bombing was an integral part of a “training exercise” funded by a $200,000 Homeland Security grant.

The “bombing” was then followed by a test of the willingness of the American people to endure martial law in exchange for a false sense of security.  Under the direction if the FBI, police SWAT teams performed unwarranted house to house searches on Boston residences in the pursuit of an alleged criminal.

The Sandy Hook “Shootings”

Significant evidence supports the position that this event also was pulled off by government insiders.  It’s quite possible that nobody at all died at Sandy Hook.  The alleged incident may have been trumped up for the purpose of creating public fervor for panic legislation which would outlaw “assault rifles”  Errors in the cover up are just too numerous to ignore. Sandy Hook, too may have been one huge deceptive government orchestrated scam.

The 911 “Terror Attacks”

Perhaps the largest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American people was the events which took place on September 11, 2001.

More than 3,000 people died on September 11, 2001, but it’s possible that the real terrorists are operating within, and as, our own federal agencies.  Informed readers are familiar with a growing mountain of scientifically backed physical evidence, as well as testimonial evidence from high offices, that the lives of more than 3,000 people were sacrificed by Washington insiders as pretence to wage war on Iraq.

Could an Ebola false flag event be coming?

Check out the links above from FEMA and the SIFMA and draw your own conclusions. The drill might be turned into a false flag event, or perhaps it won’t.  The facts remain that the drill is scheduled to take place, and that many previous drills have been turned into dramatic faked newsworthy events.

If American people were to become proactive in exposing the deceptive actions of our supposed “security” agencies, false flag events and their consequences could be more easily prevented. Innocent lives would be spared in proportion as Americans learn to replace their trust in mainstream news sources with real grass roots information

Be prepared and don’t be surprised if a supposed Ebola pandemic in the northeast is announced in conjunction with FEMA’s training exercises in the next couple of days, or in coming weeks.

It might happen, or it might not happen. The truth is powerful.  For open minded readers, here are a few more links to contemplate.  If you’re serious about discovering the truth, you’ll be busy for a while.

And some more Sandy Hook material:

(Listen to Wolfgang Halbig)

This “debunking” article is chock full of holes. Listen closely  to Mr. Halbig before reading so-called “debunking” articles:




Prepare for Cosmic Impacts in FEMA Region 3!

Soooooo, my guess is that most of you are going to say that everything is just peachy and cool, and there is nothing to worry about in and around the DC area, in spite of these warnings coming directly from our government, which, by the way, have NOT been directed at the public! No, they have been directed at foreign powers! You, the public, are being kept in the dark. Do you believe that the DHS is there for our own good, and that people who are concerned about this activity are crazy conspiracy theorists reacting to nothing real except fear itself?

Well, is all of this information just all made up? Why would it be made up? What would be the motivation for all of these independent sources to come up with all of this agreeing information about the despotic and tyrannical actions of the DHS? Wake UP, America!!!

Certain people, in sadly massive numbers, self righteous do-gooders who think themselves spiritually enlightened Christians who have condemned my views and called them “paranoid” falsely believe that we can make evil leave our experience by just leaving it alone. They will soon be facing a reality check. How do you get a handle on ANY kind of evil? By wishing it away and believing that it is not really influencing our experience? You misunderstand the deceptive nature of evil itself. Evil IS deception itself! That is its very definition! “A liar and the father of it”!

The truth is, that if evil is making ANY appearance in your human experience, you as a human being are already its victim, and are living under the influence over which you faslely claim dominion through the action of ignoring it. You are wrong. Evil MUST be exterminated from consciousness before it will or can leave human experience,.

YOU and I are the only ones who can control our own consciousness, and hence govern the experience we consciously live in. You do not live God;s life until you conscioiusly act it out and BE God’s life made manifest. That does not mean looking the other way in the face of evil suggestion. Do you think this is crazy talk? You are sadly mistaken. Do you think I am just a fearful lunatic? Then just wait and see the results of the action of your own thoughts, or the lack of exercise thereof.

It may be a hard lesson for all of humanity – one which it continues to repeat generation after generation. But it does NOT have to be this way! But, you can be sure that that is what mankind will experience for as long as you bury your head in the sand, covering your eyes and ears and mouth chanting “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

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