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Cancer Care Rationing Begins in America as Cancer Clinics Turn Away Thousands of Medicare Patients

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 As reported by, Cancer care clinics have started turning cancer patients away on a large scale. Even when you know that things are headed in a predictable direction, you are never quite prepared when you hear the news. Now, after admittedly contributing to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of cancer cases, the US government decides to quite paying for treatment. Of course, like any dictatorial government, they want the weakest and most infirmed out of the way so that they are left with only worker bees…

“With an aging global population and an endless conveyor belt of expensive new drugs and technologies and increasing financial pressures, the cost of cancer care in high-income countries is becoming unsustainable,” said the journal The Lancet Oncology…

I wonder if it would be more sustainable if we didn’t have constant war and hundreds of military bases all over the world? Perhaps if we weren’t sending the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 10billion dollars a year in aid? Perhaps we don’t need to research the length of duck penises or effects of snail sex or buy talking urinal cakes for the White House… Maybe then we could afford to treat cancer patients?… All food for thought.

Cancer care rationing begins in America as cancer clinics turn away thousands of Medicare patients

Thursday, April 11, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

federal funding study of duck penis length(NaturalNews) Federal sequestration measures that came into effect on April 1 are making it impossible for many cancer clinics across the country to administer conventional care to patients, and particularly to those on Medicare. Consequently, thousands of cancer patients with taxpayer-funded insurance coverage are being turned away, according to reports, as clinics simply do not have the capacity nor the funding to administer expensive pharmaceutical-based treatments such as chemotherapy.

According to the Washington Post, many cancer clinics are having to turn away patients without adequate coverage, or else face potential closure of their practices. Since many of the latest cancer drugs now cost upwards of $35,000 or more per year, it is grossly unsustainable to deliver such treatments to patients without adequate insurance coverage — doing so would spell financial suicide for even the most successful and well-funded cancer clinics.

“If we treated the patients receiving the most expensive drugs, we’d be out of business in six months to a year,” said Jeff Vacirca, chief executive of North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates in New York, to the Washington Post. “The drugs we’re going to lose money on we’re not going to administer right now.”

Back in October, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, another New York-based cancer center, announced that it would not be administering an expensive new cancer drug known as Zaltrap (ziv-afilbercept), a Sanofi-Aventis creation designed to treat metastatic colorectal cancer. According to an op-ed piece published by The New York Times (NYT), an average month’s worth of treatment with Zaltrap costs more than $11,000, or more than $132,000 per year.

“We don’t sugar-coat things, we’re cancer doctors,” explained Charles Holladay, an oncologist at the Charleston Cancer Center in South Carolina, to the Washington Post. Holladay’s facility began informing many of its government-covered patients several weeks ago that they would have to seek out alternative treatment options.

“We tell them that if we don’t go this course, it’s just a matter of time before we go out of business,” he added.

Prevention, natural treatments are the keys to beating cancer and avoiding a total healthcare meltdown

 feds fund study benefits of snail sex Even if sequestration was not a factor in the current cancer treatment crisis, the ever-escalating costs of conventional cancer treatments would still be bankrupting an already-overburdened American healthcare system. The public at large is still not being informed about effective cancer prevention strategies, for instance, nor is there any effort whatsoever being made by public health authorities to teach people about effective natural cancer treatment options like the Gerson Therapy protocol, Indian black salve, and all-natural cannabis oil.

This, of course, is due to the fact that the conventional healthcare system is owned and operated by the pharmaceutical cartel, which has no interest in actually healing people. Instead, a sadistic combination of greed and eugenics is what drives healthcare, and especially the cancer industry, today — and this death-care model is directly responsible for pushing the healthcare system to the precipice of complete destruction.

“With an aging global population and an endless conveyor belt of expensive new drugs and technologies and increasing financial pressures, the cost of cancer care in high-income countries is becoming unsustainable,” said the journal The Lancet Oncology in a statement back in 2011 about the failure of the conventional cancer industry.


The United States Just Sent Four Free F-16 Fighter Jets To The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

F-16 Fighter Jets Foreign Aid to Egypt

So why do we arm foreign countries at all? We don’t always have control of what they will end up being used for. The United States has a long history of funding and then regretting. We funded Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden and many other tyrants and thugs throughout history. So why do we not learn from our mistakes? Now we have sent four free F-16 fighter jets and 200 tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as part of a foreign aid package approved in 2010. At that time, Egypt had a president (Hosni Mubarak) who was very friendly with the United States. Mubarak was replaced last summer by president Mohammed Morsi, who seems to hate almost everyone except Muslims.

US Fighter Jets and Tanks Sent To Foreign Government That Opposes The US


F-16 Fighter Jets Foreign Aid to EgyptHere’s a quote from Morsi concerning the United States and our relationship with Israel:

“One American president after another — and most recently, that Obama — talks about American guarantees for the safety of the Zionists in Palestine,” Morsi, then a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said on Egyptian television in reaction to Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo. “[Obama] was very clear when he uttered his empty words on the land of Egypt. He uttered many lies, of which he couldn’t have fulfilled a single word, even if he were sincere — which he is not.”

And commentary on how children should be taught to feel toward Zionists and Jews:

“Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them,” he said. “They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.”

Since Becoming President He has Created His Own Constitution and Ignored His Own Country’s Outcry For Democracy


Morsi ignores his own countries constitution and instead bases his government on Sharia law. Opponents of Morsi and the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood accused him and his Freedom and Justice Party of playing a game to stupefy Egyptians by consistently making propositions, then withdrawing them, and then making them again to create confusion. After calling out the military, Morsi’s government would then rush a constitutional referendum forward that would guarantee him more powers.

The constitutional changes in Egypt have divided its society. Several Muslim Brotherhood offices have even been stormed by large groups of angry protesters. In what appeared to be a turning back of the clock to the Mubarak regime’s use of brute force, reports of casualties caused by attacks on protesters and activists were far spread.

Does it Make Sense To Give Free Ammo To Someone Who Wants to Shoot You?


Why would a country that is insolvent and can’t pay it’s own bills be funding any other countries with war machines? Why would such a country give free war machines to someone who openly criticizes their politics and scorns their allies? And why would a government that is so terrified of it’s own citizens having guns, that it wants to take constitutional rights away from individual citizens, give tanks and fighter jets to these other countries?

Critics, including several in Congress, say it doesn’t make sense to follow through with the package, given that new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, elected last summer, has given decidedly mixed signals about relations with the U.S. While he has toned down his rhetoric since his election, in 2010 – the same year the aid package was struck – Morsi attacked Obama for supporting Israel.

“It is appalling that the Obama administration would send F-16s and 200 military tanks to Egypt in the wake of the instability, [and the] anti-American and anti-Israel atmosphere,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, (R-Texas), told

The U.S. government ordered planes for Egypt from Lockheed Martin in 2010, as part of an annual aid package that regularly tops $1 billion. But the very next year, a popular revolution began which ultimately resulted in Mubarak’s ouster and imprisonment, and the election of Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. In November, Morsi tried to claim dictatorial powers, but was forced to back down from his claim after massive protests against the move.

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