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Secret Service Tells Outspoken Obama Critic “We’ll Come for Your Guns” | Media Remains Silent

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Secret Service to outspoken Obama critic: We’ll come for your guns; Media silent

JUNE 12, 2013

On Tuesday,’s Harriet Baldwin reported that agents of the Secret Service visited Tom Francois, an outspoken critic of President Obama who has over 11,700 Twitter followers and warned him on their way out the door to be careful or they would come back — for his guns. Despite the stir caused on Twitter, the story has been virtually ignored by major media outlets.

According to Baldwin, Francois was visited by federal authorities on April 11, 2013, who had what she described as a “thick FBI file- filled with screenshots of hundreds of posts.”

It seems that Francois is very outspoken against Obama and likes to use programs to create cartoons.

Not only did he comply with their request to “take a look around,” he even signed a search consent form and authorization to review his medical and mental health records.

Francois told the agents upon questioning that he had no intention of doing harm to the president and admitted using his First Amendment right to disagree with Obama.

“Yes, I am EXTREMELY critical of Obama in my posts, but I never cross the line and threaten his being. EVER. It’s just the idea of Obama’s Secret Service intruding on my life when they knew I wasn’t really a threat,” he said.

Francois said the agents agreed he had not threatened Obama, but were concerned about his large Twitter following.

But according to Francois, one agent issued an ominous warning: “Keep in mind, if you step over the line, we’ll come back for your guns.”

Baldwin added:

“They had run a background check and discovered that Tom legally owned two guns- and they asked to see them. Tom showed them his firearms. They asked, ‘Are they loaded?’ Tom replied in the affirmative. ‘What good are guns if they aren’t loaded?'”

Liberty is always freedom from governmentBaldwin said agents also visited his daughter, saying they would turn over all information on Francois to embattled Attorney General Eric Holder.

“He has the last word on what to do, if anything,” the agents allegedly said.

Francois said on Twitter that he was “in shock” for most of the time agents were at his house.

The story created quite a stir on Francois’ Twitter timeline, but a Google search revealed no coverage by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Outside of Baldwin’s report and several conservative blogs, Francois’ ordeal has gone unmentioned.

Despite the silence by the media, Francois said he is “blessed” by the support he received from friends and followers on the social media site.


New York In Shock As Gun Control Leads To 25 Murders In The Last 2 Days

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New York In Shock As Gun Control Leads To 25 Murders In The Last 2 Days


Like most Democrat-controlled, big cities, New York City has one of the most stringent gun-control schemes in America. But this heavy emphasis on banning guns has not stopped a recent rise in murders in the Big Apple.

Over a 48 hour period between June 11 to June 13 25 people were killed with firearms in New York. Victims were from all over the city. In fact, the only part of the city that didn’t experience a shooting over the 48-hour period was Staten Island!

Eight were shot in the Bronx, four in Queens, one in Manhattan, and a whopping twelve in Brooklyn. The fellow killed in Manhattan was shot during the day amongst a crowd of people.

CCW Concealed Carry Just Got a Lot Easier In Missouri

But notice that New York’s “Safe Gun Act” hasn’t really done much to stop crimes committed with guns. It may have stopped law-abiding citizens from being able to respond to life-threatening attacks with their own guns, of course.

Due to the anti-gun laws, it is practically impossible for law-abiding citizens to get guns for themselves. But, oh, boy do the crooks have them. According to news reports 100 percent of this gun crime spree was perpetrated with guns held illegally in criminal hands.

Notice that hundreds in not thousands of crimes every year are stopped by legal gun owners. Take the woman in California that stopped a home invasion with her firearm. Or the Florida business owner who cornered and captured a crook in his store. Or the boy that used a gun to save his father’s life.

These are the life-saving events that New York’s Democrats will put an end to and murders will increase because of it.

With Democrats succeeding in banning guns we get idiotic and dangerous situations like the 9/11 operator that told a woman being raped to kindly ask her rapist to just leave.

The good news is, though, that this is still a drop in murder rates over last year. This is true across the country, actually. And every state (including New York) no have concealed carry in some form or fashion–except Illinois which is just about to put one in place. We have more guns than ever in the hands of law-abiding citizens and crime has dropped.

(Read More: Robbers Forcefully Shove Man Into His Closet, Where He Kept His Guns……….)


Ex Obama Secret Service Exposes Gun Control Agenda – War Against Personal Liberty

general population doesn't know that it doesn't know

Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino,  actually left his career to inform the public on the reality behind the gun control debate and campaign for office.

By Anthony Gucciardi
Story Leak
June 2, 2013

You may know Bongino from his inspiring speech on the subject of how gun control is really not centered around the control of guns, but in fact the control of the individuals who own and carry them. Quite simply, ‘gun control’ is really about people control. A reality that very few talking heads within the gun debate who push for gun control truly understand (or are willing to admit).

Sociopathic control freaks inside government, many of which Bongino is certainly familiar with working deep within Secret Service for Obama, are simply utilizing gun control legislation and regulation to exercise yet more control over the individual with the ultimate goal of eroding the very checks and balances provided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at large. But why?

Well, without the rights legally granted by the Constitution, which are actually being illegally bypassed through legislation like the Patriot Act and the NDAA (two pieces of legislation that Obama has signed off on despite voicing opposition to Bush-era creations like the Patriot Act), then bloated government can do virtually anything it pleases. And those at the top of this bloated government system would ultimately stand to gain. We see this throughout history as certain forms of ‘equal’ government are pushed by those at the top who in fact hog the resources for themselves under the guise of government duty and use phony patriotism (or worse) to silence the opposition.

Second Amendment’s Demise Signifies Constitution Collapse

Today, legislation is being written that ignores the Constitution. From gun control and spy bills to internet censorship and tax hikes that fund the mega bankers, we are seeing the Constitution thrown into the fire over and over. But if we truly lose the Second Amendment through a major gun ban, or perhaps the Supreme Court decides it is ‘outdated’, then we are truly setting ourselves up to lose the entire Bill of Rights at large. And until we understand this, the ‘gun debate’ will rage on.

Like Dan, I was never really into firearms until I realized the importance of the Second Amendment when it comes to our rights granted by God and the Constitution. At the end of the day, it’s not really even about the firearm to a large extent.

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