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Let’s Stop Fueling the Industrial War Machine!

ron paul


Today Ron Paul wrote the following on his Facebook page:  “Today the US House passed what I consider to be one of the worst pieces of legislation ever. H. Res. 758 was billed as a resolution, ‘strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.’ “

Ever since I was a child it seems to have been the dream of the industrial war machine to find a way to create WW3, and to get the American people to rally for war, cheering it on with more false cries of “patriotism”. The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts from the Bush years were just primers for that, designed to conform the people into willingly accepting and rooting for a false sense of patriotism.

If we don’t awaken, WW3 will actually be upon us. We can either wake up and think for ourselves, or we can allow ourselves to be sucked in to supporting yet another senseless war.


Why in God’s name would we want to involve ourselves in a conflict between two eastern European nations which have absolutely NO connection with our lives here in America? This is even stupider than ANY other war this country has dragged itself into.

The American people are being constantly manipulated. The real truth about war is that EVERY single war is fought for some cause of chrony capitalism, and not actually for the political causes we are presented with by the major media.


“What’s chrony capitalism?”, you might ask. Chrony capitalism means that Congress acts through its connections in certain financially influential sectors of private industry, and vice versa.

So-called “conflicts” and “events” are fabricated through their mutual plans and cooperation. Certain news storie are cunningly crafted, and are presented by a carefully controlled media as the actual causes for war. The people are in this way led to believe they are actually fighting for freedom, and of course, they are not. It’s evil manipulation. It’s a great cover for the elitists who are all the while cleverly and quietly lining their own pockets.


Select bankers in high places become even richer as our government promotes numerous political conflicts, and even fuels both sides of the fire in many instances. It’s all covered up nicely with the help of a well connected media, and we’re all told it’s good for the country. Wave the flag, and God bless the USA, etc, etc.

We’re living in a fabricated dream world, and the bulk of what you hear on the news is falsehood designed to distract your attention from what’s really going down.

The money to finance war comes from the demands of Congress, from the Fed, via the chrony capitalis elites who have learned to manipulate the system in their favor. Where does the money itself come from to finance war?

It is literally fabricated out of thin air by the Federal Reserve Bank, which IS this country’s leading government approved Chrony Capitalistic organization. The very foundation of our financial system is as corrupt and evil as it can be, and it has been so since 1913.


If I only had the money already, I know I’d be heading to a part of the world where I can just isolate myself from this madness and go and live a peaceful coexistence with like minded people. I don’t even want to live with the knowledge that my tax dollars have anything to do with any of this. But of course I’m kidding myself, because tax dollars really have nothing to do with it at all. it comes from the Federal Reserve Bank, and it never even existed in the first place.

And yes, I’m seriously working on developing a plan to get out of here before the fecal material strikes the rotating blades. I’ll tell you where I plan to go later, perhaps after I’m gone.


Politics and the Ferguson Situation


The Politics Surrounding the Michael Brown and Darren Wilson Case

Let’s take politics out of the picture for a moment, shall we? That’s exactly how the Ferguson issue has been presented to the public – from essentially only only TWO very politically driven points of view.

Two Crowds of Political Followers

Supporters of Officer Darren Wilson’s innocence are comprised largely of one crowd of followers. This group of followers unquestioningly and dutifully rallies around a political position which consistently backs the actions of police under every circumstance. Staunch party-line Republicans tend to root for Wilson’s innocence because he is a trained police officer, and in the broad GOP view, the decisions of trained police officers are to be unquestionably respected. Their bravery and willingness to act in the capacity of enforcing the law are viewed as justification for their every action.

On the other hand, a sizable portion of the supporters of Michael Brown are among an opposing group of sheeple. Many from this crowd follow cries of “racism!”, whether those cries are really valid or not. Playing up racism is high on the Democratic Party’s agenda. Although racism probably played absolutely no role in the unfolding of this tragic incident, it is also difficult to deny that those who listen to the politics of race-baiting do tend to have favored the indictment of Officer Wilson.

This is not a criticism of either political ideology. However, following party line positions without developing one’s own independent individual analysis, whether one’s chosen party line is Republican or Democrat, is not at all objective. People tend to behave like sheep, blindly following the leading of their chosen political party. Staunch party-line followers are likely to form their opinions by the influence of their party’s agenda. As a result, true objectivity gets buried in politics.

An Objective Analysis of the Shooting

How about we remove political influences from this analysis? It was a touchy situation for Officer Wilson and for Michael Brown, but neither party line GOP followers nor party line race-baiting Democrats have truthfully really examined this case without bias.

Let’s begin with a decision to think for ourselves. Let’s stop thinking emotionally, stop unthinkingly following the opinions of the crowd whose political opinions we tend to favor, stop rallying behind biased emotions, and begin instead to apply logic and compassion for every individual who was involved in this tragedy.

One Likely Reason the Grand Jury did not Indict Wilson

American police officers are consistently excused from guilt in incidents involving the use of deadly force against civilians in the line of duty.  According to accepted guidelines for professional police behavior clearly defined and taught in police training programs, officers are justified in using deadly force in two instances. One condition is when the officer believes that “the subject poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officer, or others” [1]. The other condition is when the officer believes the subject “ is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight.” [1]. A 1989 Supreme Court decision defined these two conditions using exactly the terminology quoted.

The wording on that decision presents the question as to whether the officer believed that the subject was a threat. It actually does not matter whether the subject was a threat or not. The question is whether or not the officer’s state of mind at the time of the incident was reasonable.  The officer must have been in a clear state of mind in order to have been capable of making a sound decision to open fire. Officers involved in cases of having used deadly force consistently justify their actions by claiming that when a split second decision was required, they did the right thing when they decided to open fire.

That’s always an effective and foolproof defense for police! Shouldn’t there be room to allow for the very likely possibility that an officer really could make a bad decision? Why does the decision consistently fall in the favor of the defense of the officer? It is because the people have been educated to trust the testimony of a police officer over that of a civilian. We are taught never to question the honorable intentions of a police officer.

But are not police officers also human beings, also capable of making erroneous decisions, and like the rest of us, capable of occasionally being in the wrong state of mind when on duty? We all have bad days. Is it not reasonable to assume that police officers might sometimes be capable of having been in the wrong state of mind when a shooting incident took place?

Because this point of view (that police officers can do no wrong at any time) is so prevalent, whenever police do use deadly force, the responsibility of the officer is assumed to be unimpeachable. Police officers are seldom considered to even be remotely capable of acting out of line. Is that a reasonable expectation of average human beings, or should we expect that every police officer is super-human?

The problem continues to grow. Shouldn’t it be addressed?

There is not enough room to list the ever increasing number of controversial police shootings that have occurred in the past couple of decades. Each case is proof that being a truly responsible police officer is quite a tall order for a human being. The stress and difficulty of the job, both of which come with the territory of the decision to be in law enforcement, must never be used to unquestionably excuse or justify the use of deadly force.

In light of the growing number of deadly police shooting incidents, wouldn’t it be reasonable to at least re-evaluate the conditions of the acceptability of the use of deadly force by police? Would it not be reasonable to also consider the re-evaluation of police training standards in cases of the use of deadly force?

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[1]  1989 Supreme Court case, Graham v. Connor.


Those Stupid deluded Austrian Economists!

I am called an idiot proclaiming himself to be an econmic expert

Recently in a in a Western Journalism comment I was accused of proclaiming myself to be an economic expert.

Let me be clear:  I am NOT a professional economist.  Even though I don’t hold any credentials from any prestigious school of economics, I DO have a brain, and I am not a completely unqualified economic idiot.

I did manage to learn enough about the operation of our Federal Reserve System to pass my Series 6 Securities License exam when I worked for an investment company in Orlando in 2006 and 2007 . For a brief period, I delved into a career in the sale of securities.  I rarely mention that because I do not wish to be labeled as a self proclaimed economic expert.  Waving a piece of paper around is in my view equivalent to simply wearing a sign around your neck that says “I am a pompous asshole, and I have a piece of paper to prove to you that that I know my shit”.

But, I digress. You really do NOT need to be an expert in economics to figure out the scam that the Federal Reserve has been pulling on this country for 100 years. After passing that securities exam I was still confused and curious about what really goes on inside the Fed.  My studies to pass that Series 6 exam a few years back revealed just enough to me about the operation of the Federal Reserve System to eventually inspire me to take a closer look.  So I’ve recently done that, and learned a lot in this self-education process.

It really is NOT complex!

The apparently offensive thing that I put in my last piece was a proclamation that the way the Federal Reserve System works is really NOT complex.  That’s because it isn’t!  Keynesian school economists like to muddy the waters and keep the economics of fiat currency sounding quite complicated.  They love to project an elitist air, and claim that if you don’t adhere to their Keynesian school of economic thought, namely interference and control, you should just keep your mouth shut to avoid embarrassing yourself.

All this Keynesian school manipulation is nothing more than a smokescreen for what they’re really doing at the Fed.  The Fed’s objective is to mesmerize the public into believing that their corrupt system is doing wonders for the country, and that it is indispensable. But the truth is that because of the Federal Reserve policies that have been in practice since 1913, the fecal matter is just about to finally hit the proverbial rotating blades.

If Congress needs money, it gets its money.  All it has to do is to go the Federal Reserve and ask for it.  Then, because the Federal Reserve doesn’t really have a significant reserve, in spite of its name, the requested money has to be created.  But the Federal Reserve doesn’t HAVE any money!

Now to some I am apparently just a deluded idiot for thinking that it is not sound economic policy to print money out of thin air and to borrow more of it to pay off debts.  If you think it’s a good idea to take out one credit card to pay another, just go ahead and see how long it takes for your income to be insufficient to pay your debts.  But I’m told that I’m an idiot who needs to study economics a little harder to figure out that this is a perfectly sound way for a country to operate forever.

They are in it for the POWER!

You really don’t have to be a genius to figure out how government sanctioned banking cartels govern our economic world.  You don’t need an economics PhD to figure out that the Fed’s primary motivation is to continue enriching themselves.  You don’t have to be a professional economist to figure out that the power structure within the banking cartel, the cartel that IS the Federal Reserve System, needs to stay rich in order to keep influential parties on their side in powerful positions in the US government.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong because I’m just a self proclaimed unqualified expert, an idiot who possesses no qualifications to be called an economist.

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