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FEMA’s “Pandemic Influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise” scheduled for November 13th

ebola false flag

Is an Ebola false flag event be about to unfold?

FEMA’s own website says “yes” – but they are calling it a “training exercise”  -unless they should  decide to create another fake emergency for the media to broadcast, in which case it will become another false flag event.

Federal agency orchestrated “drills”, also called “training exercises” in federal agency lingo, have been connected with every recent major American news event that has had anything to do with possible endangerment to public safety.

What’s really motivating and driving the actions of the DHS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, and a host of other agencies who claim to be working for our public safety?

Who is the SIFMA?

The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) recently published this recap of the event sequence of a training exercise apparently designed to prepare federal agencies for response in case of the development of an Ebola pandemic.  According to this document, the program is currently scheduled to begin taking place in the next few days.

Did you get that title, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association? According to SIFMA’s website, the group “represents hundreds of securities firms, banks, and asset managers.”  That sounds reasonable – an investment information group.

What could a professional group which manages investments and securities have to do with FEMA emergency pandemic exercises?  When you donate a dollar to help find a cure for Ebola, where is your dollar going?

I don’t have any answers, but I do know that there appears to be a connection.  I’m just asking some questions.
This page detailing the planned Ebola pandemic training drill,

appears on the SIFMA website.  One of the contacts on this FEMA document is a man named Karl Schimmick, a CEO of the SIFMA.

An overview of the pandemic training exercise and schedule is also found there.

 DHS training drills and major news event history in the United States

Numerous federally conducted “drills” presented in recent years to the public as actual events have turned out to be full scale faked emergencies.  The public is led to believe in the reality of these events via manipulated media presentations.  “False flag” events have historically been popular methods by which governments have deceptively achieved specific political objectives.

The history of American false flag events

False flag events are politically motivated. In the most extreme cases, a false flag event is used to justify war.  The creation of fabricated news events in the pursuit of political objectives is nothing new. The United States has for nearly two centuries staged false flag events as a pretense to war.  An informative summary of the American history false flags can be found on

The Boston Marathon “Bombing”

The so-called Boston marathon bombing didn’t go down as it was presented by mainstream media reports.  Interestingly, the DHS admits that the entire event was planned as a training exercise months before the alleged bombing took place.  “Operation Urban Shield” was planned many months before the Boston Marathon.  Eyewitness accounts reported the presence of bomb sniffing dogs under the control of bomb squads along the marathon route on the morning of the event.  Yet nothing was uncovered. The line of distinction between the “training exercise” and the alleged bombing itself is blurry.  Evidence points strongly to the possibility that the bombing was an integral part of a “training exercise” funded by a $200,000 Homeland Security grant.

The “bombing” was then followed by a test of the willingness of the American people to endure martial law in exchange for a false sense of security.  Under the direction if the FBI, police SWAT teams performed unwarranted house to house searches on Boston residences in the pursuit of an alleged criminal.

The Sandy Hook “Shootings”

Significant evidence supports the position that this event also was pulled off by government insiders.  It’s quite possible that nobody at all died at Sandy Hook.  The alleged incident may have been trumped up for the purpose of creating public fervor for panic legislation which would outlaw “assault rifles”  Errors in the cover up are just too numerous to ignore. Sandy Hook, too may have been one huge deceptive government orchestrated scam.

The 911 “Terror Attacks”

Perhaps the largest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American people was the events which took place on September 11, 2001.

More than 3,000 people died on September 11, 2001, but it’s possible that the real terrorists are operating within, and as, our own federal agencies.  Informed readers are familiar with a growing mountain of scientifically backed physical evidence, as well as testimonial evidence from high offices, that the lives of more than 3,000 people were sacrificed by Washington insiders as pretence to wage war on Iraq.

Could an Ebola false flag event be coming?

Check out the links above from FEMA and the SIFMA and draw your own conclusions. The drill might be turned into a false flag event, or perhaps it won’t.  The facts remain that the drill is scheduled to take place, and that many previous drills have been turned into dramatic faked newsworthy events.

If American people were to become proactive in exposing the deceptive actions of our supposed “security” agencies, false flag events and their consequences could be more easily prevented. Innocent lives would be spared in proportion as Americans learn to replace their trust in mainstream news sources with real grass roots information

Be prepared and don’t be surprised if a supposed Ebola pandemic in the northeast is announced in conjunction with FEMA’s training exercises in the next couple of days, or in coming weeks.

It might happen, or it might not happen. The truth is powerful.  For open minded readers, here are a few more links to contemplate.  If you’re serious about discovering the truth, you’ll be busy for a while.

And some more Sandy Hook material:

(Listen to Wolfgang Halbig)

This “debunking” article is chock full of holes. Listen closely  to Mr. Halbig before reading so-called “debunking” articles:




Pull Back on the Joystick – We’re going to Crash!

Take the threat seriously!

Although economists have been warning us for decades about an inevitable crash in the value of the US dollar, the threat has been voiced for so long that most Americans have stopped taking it seriously.  After all, the Federal Reserve has always bailed us out of every single recession.  Why shouldn’t they be able to just continue to do what they have always done?   But what caused the downturns in the first place? Not enough Americans understand that the real problem is actually that which claims to be our savior, the Federal Reserve itself.

Until the late 70s, the U.S. economic plane had already been on a long and gradual descent. That was when the descent turned into a nosedive. The American people are the passengers, and are assured by the Captain, the Federal Reserve, that everything is just fine.  The Captain keeps pulling back on the stick, but nothing he can do is pulling the plane out of its downward spiral.  Meanwhile as the Captain continues to wrestle with the stick, he announces over the PA system “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re preparing for a comfortable landing, so just sit back and enjoy the flight!”   

It’s the Federal Reserve driving the crash!

The Federal Reserve is best known for printing currency, but it also carries out the very manipulations which its printing of currency is designed to correct.  Its theoretical job is to control the cash supply and to keep the economy in balance.  Among many other tricks, it manipulates the economy by controlling interest rates, printing and circulating cash, and by selling bonds, which in plain language translates to borrowing money. The sale of government bonds is the primary driver of our out of control national debt.

The truth is that our economy is so far from being balanced, and that returning to a state of solvency is now simply no longer possible.  We are in fact in the midst of the beginning stages of a major collapse.

Selling Bonds:  A friendly phrase that means borrowing money

Why is the federal government $17 trillion in debt? For 100 years they have been overselling bonds.   A bond is a loan to the government from an investor.  It’s a vehicle used to inject cash back into circulation by simply borrowing it.  When individuals get into a pinch, they go to the bank and get a loan. An individual can be either turned down, or granted a loan, depending on their credit score.

That’s exactly what the federal government does, but it doesn’t have to get any approval to get funded.  They just go to the Federal Reserve, who either prints the money out of thin air, and/or  borrows currency by selling bonds to investors.  The result is that the government always gets its funding, the dollar continually loses more value, and the national debt grows even bigger, and our government increasingly operates on pure borrowed capital, much of it coming from economies which are currently stronger than our own, such as China.

Doesn’t the Government have a savings account to fall back on?

The federal “reserve” is the government’s savings account.  It currently has a balance of around $56 billion in it.  That sounds like a nice amount to have in a nation’s savings account doesn’t it?  It is nothing at all when the entire balance sheet is taken into account.  We have $56 billion in the bank, but we owe $17trillion in debt, and have unfunded obligations in the hundreds of millions of dollars on top of the debt.  Those unfunded obligations include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a host of other programs.  Where are they going to get the money to pay these obligations?  They can ether print it out of thin air or go and borrow even more.

Think of that on an individual basis.  Let’s divide the numbers by a million to put them into the perspective of amounts of cash that real people commonly hold.  Imagine you had $56,000 in your savings account, but you lived in a house with an unpaid mortgage of $17 million! Would there be any realistic expectation that you could pay off your $17 million dollar mortgage on the salary from which you managed to save your $56,000?  But if you were like the Federal Reserve, you could solve the problem by going to your garage and printing some counterfeit money, and/or by going to the bank and getting an easy approval to keep borrowing more so you could pay all your bills.  Wouldn’t that be convenient?

What is happening to the federal government’s credit rating?

Why is the government developing a bad credit rating, and why do they even need a credit rating? Our government has accumulated so much debt from the sale of bonds that it’s no longer possible for them to even pay back only the interest.  We recently actually reached that point.  That makes for a bad credit rating because for the government because potential bond purchasers are losing confidence to buy more bonds.  They know that the US is no longer capable of paying their obligations.  Bad credit disables the government’s ability to borrow more money just to pay interest.

Given an inability to borrow anymore, an insignificant sum in the federal  reserve savings account, and an insufficient sum of incoming federal revenue to pay the bills, the only remaining solution would be to print more (counterfeit) currency.

The national debt continues to grow out of control because the federal government continues to turn to the Fed to get unlimited supplies of cash, no questions asked.   Real people learn to adapt their lifestyle to their income level.  The federal government has no such restraints, but it does have the Federal Reserve Bank to pull money out of thin air to keep this county operating.

That’s why you really need to take this warning seriously. Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money is a great resource for more information.


Your Right to Bodily Self-Government is under Attack

Pediatric Physician Claims Authority to Override Individual’s Right to Self-Government

A recognized pediatric doctor who specializes in vaccination research would like to get the federal government on his side to help him turn his profitable and authoritarian medical agenda into law.  Dr. Paul Offit is not only a prominent pediatric doctor, he is also a physician who holds financial interests with the manufacturers of the same vaccines which he wants to be required by law.  You can read all about him at his own website.

Here’s the kicker:  Dr. Offit proposes also proposes the total elimination of all spiritual and religious exemptions for vaccinations.  That means that anyone who disagrees with government sanctioned medical opinions about the need for vaccinations would be simply overridden. Submit to injection of a foreign substance into your body, or face criminal penalties.

Land of Liberty?

Such a level of authority raises individual liberty concerns with Americans.   Two schools of thought stand in opposition to unquestionable government mandated medical authority.

One faction 0f opposition not only doubts the effectiveness of vaccines, but is highly suspicious of their content for a variety of medical reasons.  Another faction of opposition is largely ignored and unknown.  This faction  objects to vaccinations on the basis of religious and spiritual interpretations of human life which are often contrary to the conclusions of medical science.

Both camps rally around the same point, namely:

Does any person or group of persons possesses any real authority over the life of any other well- meaning person?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not at all speaking in opposition to the well-meaning humanitarian efforts of the best of medical scientists and practitioners, but by what authority does any single human being’s conclusions rule the individual lives of other well meaning human beings?

Excuse me, but when did medical science prove itself to be 100% infallible and always correct?  Countless intelligent and qualified physicians and researchers continually contradict one another’s conclusions.  Once again, I’m not at all out to discredit anyone in medicine, but I do ask,  but from whence comes the conjecture that any singular medical opinion is superior to all others?

The medically admitted dangers of vaccinations

The best medical authorities freely admit that they might never know all that there is to know about the causes of disease.  The effectiveness of treatments and vaccines consistently and sometimes inexplicably change over time, and even the best medical experts can even be sure why.

No single physician’s knowledge is flawless or absolute

The medical community is comprised of many intelligent thinkers, each independently working to deduce the causes of diseases and suggest effective of cures and vaccines.  Who is capable of judging any of them to be absolutely correct?

Medical conclusions about the safety of vaccines are far from final and are never unquestionably conclusive or final.  Brand new facts and findings about the effectiveness and dangers of vaccines are continually discovered. The best medical researchers admit that medical science is in a state of continual flux, always evolving, always changing.

Medical opinion, therefore, is neither comprised of absolute knowledge nor does it have absolute authority over anyone or anything.

Governmental Claims to Authority

Today’s American population is trained and conditioned by an educational process that teaches its subjects to look to our government as the provider of the solution to every societal problem.  As a result, individual rights and personal liberty are too often exchanged for the illusion of the government’s provision of protection.  The Center for Disease Control has come to be looked upon by the public as able to provide us with infallible direction, and that perception is pure politically driven illusion.

The fact is, the CDC is only a group of mortal  human beings.  No agency exists which is qualified to grant authority to any individual (or to any group of individuals) in the interest of their own collective common good.

The First Amendment and Religious Freedom

Dr. Paul Offit wields political influence in the medical world.  He presently is demanding that everyone be forced into receiving the vaccines that he recommends, and profits from.  He claims that his knowledge on the subject of vaccination trumps any and all opposing medical or spiritual knowledge,  and that therefore spiritual and religious exemptions are invalid.  Dr. Offit is actively is campaigning to remove the right to refuse vaccination, regardless of reason.

The Constitution of The United States of America recounts the inalienable rights granted by God to men.  Our rights are not granted by the decisions of other human beings.  Our rights are an inherent part of our being.

Because some readers may profess atheism, let’s state it another way.  You are in charge of yourself and of your own body.  No other human being can claim a valid authority over your right to govern your own mind and body.

The First Amendment reads:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Dear Dr. Offit:

Dr. Offit, it is clear that my religious beliefs conflict with your demands and wishes to control me and my body.  However the US Constitution says that you simply can do nothing about that.  No law shall prohibit the free exercise of my religion.  The “greater good” cannot prohibit my right to exercise my religion.   The word shall means what it says – it shall not happen.  I shall not trade the right to control my own body for your perception of a “greater good”

I, as a self governed human being, am as free to disagree with the conclusions of medical science as you are, or anyone else is, to agree with them.  There simply is no authority outside of myself that can outrank the authority that I possess to govern myself, and that every other American possesses to govern themselves.

I believe that I speak for every American by virtue of the Bill of Rights.

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