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Can You Afford Equal Protection Under the Law? Protect Your Family From Legal Issues

Legal concerns

It’s easy to understand why people are concerned these days about legal issues.

We seem to be bombarded with legitimate reasons to be concerned about potential legal problems that could arise without notice.

In fact, my whole blog is a testament to why someone might need access to a good attorney – even when they didn’t do anything wrong.

Consider These Staggering Legal Statistics:

  • 15 million lawsuits will be filed in 2011 across the U.S.
  • A new lawsuit every 2 seconds
  • One lawsuit for every 12 adults
  • 21 U.S. states are facing a medical liability crisis
  • $248.1 billion = the cost to the U.S. tort system (personal injury) in 2009, or $808 per person
  • The cost per capita of tort related lawsuits has increased 800% between 1950 to 2009

What would it mean to have a good attorney on your side when you need it? To help in case:

  • You are audited by the IRS
  • You have a Dispute with a contractor or business
  • You’d like to have a contract reviewed before you sign
  • You need an attorney to write a letter on your behalf
  • You have an emergency after hours

How many times have you wished you could call an attorney just to ask a question but didn’t because of cost?

That’s is why, in my opinion, every family in the United States should have a product called Legal Shield.

What is Legal Shield?

The basic Legal Shield membership is around $17 a month and it offers everything mentioned above. It’s access to a defense attorney, help with IRS audits, an attorney to write a letter on your behalf or review a contract for you.

One membership covers an entire family and the benefits increase every year for five years.

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Kansas Family Raided by SWAT Team, Held at Gunpoint Face Down for Hours For Growing Indoor Garden

Swat Raid for growing tomatoes and mellons

So, just to clarify, there are no laws against growing hydroponic indoor gardens… YET. But who would really want to? I mean, if it could bring a SWAT team to your door with guns blazing, then why bother being interested in things? Caring about trying experiments?

Hell, why even bother thinking? Why doesn’t everyone just sit and watch TV? No one goes knocking down anyone’s door for watching TV and scratching their butt. But apparently just about ANYTHING else you go to do in this country can draw unwanted attention from the nosy nanny state and cause you to be an accidental victim of an intentional raid.

Much like the 16 year old young lady in a Florida school who had a bright idea to see if tin foil and toilet cleaner would really cause a plastic bottle to explode, the powers that be overreact to everything and anything and discourage any activity other than what an automaton should be programmed to do.

The young lady in Florida found out that, yes, the plastic bottle would explode, but when plastic bottles explode in Florida, apparently you get expelled, arrested and charged as an adult with a felony… It doesn’t matter that you are an exceptional student with no behavior problems whatsoever. It also doesn’t matter if you just simply want to grow tomatoes in your basement… the powers that be don’t want you being creative, thinking and experimenting.

Swat Raid for growing tomatoes and mellonsWe wonder what’s wrong with our youth today… I have a couple of ideas that might cause problems with an entire generation of youth. Allow me describe what kind of society  might cause an entire generation of youth to have issues. First lets create laws that encourage as much chemical use by agriculture as possible and put fluoride (that has been proven to lower peoples IQ) in drinking water (and disprove to help avoid cavities).

Great start… first poison everyone.

Good. Then, they should probably start making rules that make no sense and supporting them with a vengeance  Once that is in full swing then they should just start arresting people who broke no rules… as if they had. They should let the law enforcement get so far out of hand that it can do anything to anyone at any time with impunity. Yeah, totally. Let’s see if we can’t just demoralize and squelch the dreams of a nation by generally making everyone sick and hopeless. Let’s try that and see if that doesn’t fix things.

Kansas Family Raided by SWAT Team, Held at Gunpoint Face Down for Hours For Growing Indoor Garden

LEAWOOD, KS — Men with assault rifles raided a family who had been growing tomatoes and melons under grow-lights. Police started spying on the family after a purchase they made at a local hydroponics store. Police sorted through the family’s trash for three weeks, obviously finding vegetation from their indoor garden. They used an unreliable field test on the plant material to get a false positive for marijuana. This was sufficient evidence to execute a SWAT raid on the family and hold Mr. Harte face-down on the ground for 2.5 hours.

“It was just like on the cops TV shows,” Robert Harte told The Associated Press. “It was like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ ready to storm the compound.”

Dogs entered the home. The armed agents belittled the family and implied that their 13-year-old boy was growing marijuana in the home.

“If this can happen to us and we are educated and have reasonable resources, how does somebody who maybe hasn’t led a perfect life supposed to be free in this country?” said Adlynn Harte.

Police kept the father laying on the ground for 2.5 hours and his children huddled on a couch while the SWAT team tore through their home looking for forbidden plants.

The Harte family did not know the reasoning for the raid until weeks later and being forced to sue the police department to acquire documents regarding the investigation of their family.




War on Drugs Revealed as Hoax – US Military Admits Guarding, Assisting Lucrative Opium Trade in Afghanistan

opium afghanistan

War on Drugs Revealed as Hoax – US Military Admits Guarding, Assisting Lucrative Opium Trade in Afghanistan

by: Ethan A. Huff

Afghanistan is, by far, the largest grower and exporter of opium in the world today, cultivating a 92 percent market share of the global opium trade. But what may shock many is the fact that the US military has been specifically tasked with guarding Afghan poppy fields, from which opium is derived, in order to protect this multibillion dollar industry that enriches Wall Street, the CIA, MI6, and various other groups that profit big time from this illicit drug trade scheme.

Prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Afghanistan was hardly even a world player in growing poppy, which is used to produce both illegal heroin and pharmaceutical-grade morphine. In fact, the Taliban had been actively destroying poppy fields as part of an effort to rid the country of this harmful plant, as was reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on February 16, 2001, in a piece entitled Nation’s opium production virtually wiped out (…).

But after 9/11, the US military-industrial complex quickly invaded Afghanistan and began facilitating the reinstatement of the country’s poppy industry. According to the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP), opium cultivation increased by 657 percent in 2002 after the US military invaded the country under the direction of then-President George W. Bush (…).

CIA responsible for reinstating opium industry in Afghanistan after 9/11

More recently, The New York Times (NYT) reported that the brother of current Afghan President Hamid Karzai had actually been on the payroll of the CIA for at least eight years prior to this information going public in 2009. Ahmed Wali Karzai was a crucial player in reinstating the country’s opium drug trade, known as Golden Crescent, and the CIA had been financing the endeavor behind the scenes (

“The Golden Crescent drug trade, launched by the CIA in the early 1980s, continues to be protected by US intelligence, in liaison with NATO occupation forces and the British military,” wrote Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in a 2007 report, before it was revealed that Ahmed Wali Karzai was on the CIA payroll. “The proceeds of this lucrative multibillion dollar contraband are deposited in Western banks. Almost the totality of revenues accrue to corporate interests and criminal syndicates outside Afghanistan” (…).

poppy afghanistanBut the mainstream media has been peddling a different story to the American public. FOX News, for instance, aired a propaganda piece back in 2010 claiming that military personnel are having to protect the Afghan poppy fields, rather than destroy them, in order to keep the locals happy and to avoid a potential “security risk” — and FOX News reporter Geraldo Rivera can be heard blatantly lying about poppy farmers being financially supported by the Taliban, rather than the CIA and other foreign interests.

So while tens of thousands of Americans continue to be harmed or killed every year by overdoses from drugs originating from this illicit opium trade, and while cultivation of innocuous crops like marijuana and hemp remains illegal in the US, the American military is actively guarding the very poppy fields in Afghanistan that fuel the global drug trade. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

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