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You Don’t Have the Right to Protect Your Children From Kidnapping and Drugging if the Perp is the Government

charges reinstated on mom persecuted by government for not continuing to give her child psych meds

You Don’t Have the Right to Protect Your Children From Kidnapping and Drugging if the Perp is the Government

Parents no longer have the right to parent in this country. Once the government accepts a conclusion, as to what is the “right” way to do things, they will enforce it.

I mean, of course they know what’s best in all situations! They are God, aren’t they?!? So if the government accepts the flawed notion that psychiatric medication is the best avenue for a child with moderate mental or emotional issues, then they get to enforce that upon parents and communities… even if it’s not true and has been proven to be untrue.

They can send a SWAT team to your house, confiscate your child, force them to take any medications they want and you, the parent, can be left helpless and alone wondering where your child is and when you’ll ever see them again.


After 2 years Charges Reinstated for Mom who Resisted Having her Child Confiscated for Forced Medication

DETROIT, MI — After 2 years, Maryanne Godboldo, the mother who resisted the forced drugging of her daughter, is having felony charges piled back on her. Let’s recap the story, which culminated with a SWAT standoff in March 2011.

Maryanne Godboldo is a mother of a handicapped child, and homeschooled her daughter up until age 13. At that point she wanted to send her to public middle school, and falsely believed that she must immunize her to attend, thanks to an overwhelming disinformation campaign held up by ignorant school administrators, ignorant doctors, and willfully ignorant media outlets.

Maryanne gave her daughter the vaccines and her daughter started having facial spasms and other signs of neurological damage. She asked the “medical experts” what to do, and they prescribe more drugs to fix the damage from the last drugs. The subsequent regimen of psychotropic drugs made her daughter even worse, and Maryanne discontinues the medicine.

charges reinstated on mom persecuted by government for not continuing to give her child psych medsChild Protective Services gets wind of this and government enforcers come to force the mother to keep drugging her kid. When SWAT surrounded her house to confiscate her daughter, Maryanne Godboldo took a stand when the goons tried to break into her home. She held out for eight hours before the state seized her daughter.

After months of expensive court battles, she finally got her daughter returned to her and the charges were dropped.

UPDATE: 5/29/2013

After two years, felony charges have been reinstated on Maryanne. She has been charged with discharge of a weapon, three counts of felonious assault, resisting and obstructing an officer and felony firearm. She could face years of prison time and the breakup of her family all over again.


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The IRS wants to target you, raid you and steal your stuff . why not put them in charge of your healthcare

With the implementation of Obamacare, doctors will soon be required to use roughly 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes to inform the federal government of injuries sustained by Americans, so says Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The new codes, Sen. Paul explained, include classifications for “injuries sustained from a turtle,” “walking into a lamppost” and “injuries sustained from burning water skis.”

“Your government just wants to take care of you,” he added, criticizing the new law’s 9,000-plus pages of new regulations. “They don’t think you’re smart enough to make these decisions.”

Physicians currently have about 18,000 medical diagnostic codes, called ICD-9, to choose from to help them inform insurers of their patients’ ailments. But according to Paul (himself a physician), Obamacarewill require physicians to adopt roughly 122,000 new codes — and some of them sound downright ridiculous.

“Included among these codes,” the senator continued, “will be 312 new codes for injuries from animals; 72 new codes for injuries just from birds; 9 new codes for ‘injuries from the macaw.”‘

“The macaw?” he asked. “I’ve asked physicians all over the country, ‘Have you ever seen an injury from a macaw?”‘

He continued, adding that he had found “two new injury codes under Obamacare for ‘injuries sustained from a turtle.”‘

“Now, you might say, ‘Well, turtles are dangerous’ — but why do you have to have two codes?” he asked.  “Your doctor has to inform the government whether you’ve been struck by a turtle or bitten by a turtle.”

He added:  “There is a new code for … walking into a lamppost. There’s also a code for ‘walking into a lamppost, subsequent encounter.’”

“I guess that’s if you don’t learn,” he added. “[T]here is [also] a code … for ‘injuries sustained from burning water skis.”‘

Though the Republican senator delivered his speech earlier this month to the Iowa Republican Party, his Obamacare remarks have only recently gained traction online:


New Research Connects RoundUp Active Ingredient Glyphosate Produced by Monsanto to Many Diseases

Debbie Stabenow - has damaged her brain by eating too much GMO food

I have been reading more and more about research showing that many of the newly prolific and mystifying diseases, disorders and syndromes we seem to have so much trouble with here in the United States are connected to the active ingredient glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

Of course, old research also connected RoundUp to many diseases and disorders as well, but that was back when it was a conspiracy theory to think that the government would ever lie or even be terrible at conducting or interpreting research or even making sure it was valid. Yes, that was way back in the day when people thought maybe some parts of the government weren’t corrupt to the point that they didn’t mind how sick you got or if you died as long as they were personally paid off by huge, super-wealthy corporations.

The next time you hear the term conspiracy theory interpret that to mean “facts that haven’t been proven to the satisfaction of people who can profit from keeping them repressed.”

The video below is very enlightening and I highly recommend it.

Many Diseases Now Connected to RoundUp Active Ingredient Glyphosate Produced by Monsanto

Leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, obesity, heart disease, autism and more–a groundbreaking study now shows a direct link between RoundUp (Glyphosate)-soaked crops and these diseases. And it all goes back to our gut bacteria…

I can not stress enough the importance of watching this video (link below)… but here’s a synopsis for those on a time crunch:

Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff about Glyphosate from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

For years, Monsanto assured us that the “metabolic pathway” that enabled RoundUp to kill plants did not exist in the human body. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT, has now proven that our gut bacteria does indeed contain the very same metabolic pathway, and it’s being targeted and killed by exposure to RoundUp / consuming RoundUp Ready GMO crops such as corn and soy — in much the same way.

Considering that RoundUp Ready crops represent the primary purpose / large majority of GMO crops world wide, and GMOs are reported to be in >70% of processed foods, this is a significant finding–even more so when contrasted against these specific diseases.

If you only watch the first 5 minutes of this video, you’ll learn enough to be sobered.

If you know anyone with autism in their family, keep watching through the 10 minute mark.

Debbie Stabenow - has damaged her brain by eating too much GMO food

Better yet, make time to watch the whole thing. It’s packed with facts that will make you a far more informed and aware human and (hopefully) motivate you to March Against Monsanto this weekend!

The video:

The study:


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