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Ted Cruz says 41 Senate Democrats Co-Sponsor Bill to Repeal 1st Amendment Regulate Free Speech

Ted Cruz Repeal 1st Amendment

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told attendees at a Family Research Council pastors retreat that Senate Democrats want to limit free speech through amending the Constitution.

“When you think it can’t get any worse, it does,” Cruz said at the FRC’s Watchmen on the Wall 2014 event in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. “This year, I’m sorry to tell you, the United States Senate is going to be voting on a constitutional amendment to repeal the First Amendment.”

Calling these “perilous, perilous times,” Cruz said Senate Democrats have said they are ready to vote on the amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 19 – “an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections.”

“Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has announced the Senate Democrats are scheduling a vote on a constitutional amendment to give Congress the authority to regulate political speech, because elected officials have decided they don’t like it when the citizenry has the temerity to criticize what they’ve done,” he said.

“They don’t like it when pastors in their community stand up and speak the truth,” Cruz said to an audience of hundreds of pastors from across the country.

“And I’ll note this amendment, which has 41 Democratic senators as co-sponsors – 41 Democrats have signed on to repealing the First Amendment,” Cruz said. “It explicitly says nothing in this new amendment shall abridge the freedom of the press.

“So the New York Times is protected, but it doesn’t say the same thing about the freedom of speech,” Cruz said. “It doesn’t say the same thing about religious liberty.”

Ted Cruz says Democrats want to limit free speech.

“What it says is that politicians in Washington have unlimited constitutional authority to muzzle each and every one of you if you’re saying things the government finds inconvenient,” Cruz said.

UPDATE… Because of several comments on this story indicating they would like the list of Senate co-sponsors of S.J. Res. 19, we are providing the list below, courtesy of the Library of Congress (alpha order by last name):

  • Tammy Baldwin (WI)
  • Mark Begich (AK)
  • Michael Bennet (CO)
  • Richard Blumenthal (CT)
  • Cory Booker (NJ)
  • Barbara Boxer (CA)
  • Sherrod Brown (OH)
  • Benjamin Cardin (MD)
  • Thomas Carper (DE)
  • Christopher Coons (DE)
  • Richard Durbin (IL)
  • Dianne Feinstein (CA)
  • Al Franken (MN)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)
  • Kay Hagen (NC)
  • Tom Harkin (IA)
  • Martin Heinrich (NM)
  • Mazie Hirono (HI)
  • Tim Johnson (SD)
  • Angus King, Jr. (ME)
  • Amy Klobuchar (MN)
  • Edward Markey (MA)
  • Robert Menendez (NJ)
  • Jeff Merkley (OR)
  • Barbara Mikulski (MD)
  • Christopher Murphy (CT)
  • Patty Murray (WA)
  • Jack Reed (RI)
  • Harry Reid (NV)
  • John D. Rockefeller, IV (WV)
  • Bernard Sanders (VT)
  • Brian Schatz (HI)
  • Chuck Schumer (NY)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (NH)
  • Debbie Stabenow (MI)
  • Jon Tester (MT)
  • Mark Udall (CO)
  • John Walsh (MT)
  • Elizabeth Warren (MA)
  • Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
  • Ron Wyden (OR)

Please note that the above article mentioned all co-sponsors as Democrats. Actually, there are 40 Democrats and one admitted socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), a registered Independent who caucuses with the Democrats.



State Senator Stacey Campfield to Piers Morgan: Now That Gun Control Failed When Are You Moving Back to England?

Piers Morgan for someone who hasnt got a brain he does a lot of talking

You’ve got to give Piers Morgan credit for one thing: Try to point out any facts that he doesn’t want to hear, he can brush right past them and keep on talking as though he actually has a point.

He manages to act arrogant and condescending even though he was the guy who got FIRED from a BRITISH TABLOID for falsifying news. Somehow, though, he manages to take himself seriously enough to overcome the fact that no one else can. How does a discredited foreign reporter get a job at CNN? Oh, I forgot… CNN doesn’t need anyone to report real news, just people who will say whatever the government wants said.

Noel Sheppard brings us the following news article, oozing with hypocrisy and condescension from Morgan:

State Senator to Piers Morgan: Now That Gun Control Failed When Are You Moving Back to England?

CNN’s Piers Morgan had a fiery debate with controversial State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday.

At one point, Campfield said, “Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England. Because everyone in Tennessee is dying to know” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield is standing firm, refusing to apologize for a joke he made about assault pressure cookers that clearly mocked the push for more gun control in America. He’s been criticized for making the joke so soon after the Boston bombings. And State Senator Stacy Campfield joins me now.

Mr. Campfield, what was this all about? Why did you do this?

STACEY CAMPFIELD, TENNESSEE STATE SENATOR: Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, how they push for gun control ten seconds after Sandy Hook shooting. And yet when something else happens, they refuse to say that hey, it’s not an inanimate object; it’s actually the person. So when people go on and say, we have to get rid of guns, we got to push for gun control, it’s just ridiculous. It’s like pushing for pressure cooker control after the explosion.

MORGAN: What other things can you do with a pressure cooker other than kill people?

CAMPFIELD: You can cook food.

MORGAN: Right. What other things can you do with a gun other than shoot things?

CAMPFIELD: Other than shooting. I guess you can use it as a walking stick. You can hunt with it. You can go target practice. You can do all sorts of things.

MORGAN: You use a gun as a walking stick, do you?

CAMPFIELD: I guess theoretically you could. You could use it as a hammer if you really wanted to. But what’s that have to do with anything? We’re talking about an inanimate object that does nothing by itself. It does absolutely nothing by itself, just like a pressure cooker does absolutely nothing by itself. Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England. Because everyone in Tennessee is dying to know.

MORGAN: I’m going to hang around and just see if people can’t grow enough courage in this country to face the reality of your gun violence problem.

For those that missed it, Campfield on Sunday posted a picture of a pressure cooker at his blog with various captions relating to assault weapons. It was titled “Here Comes Feinstein Again.”

He took a lot of heat about it in the media and posted a follow-up saying:

If my post was inappropriate talking about “crock pot control” then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im [sic] sorry if I exposed your double standard….

Well, not really.

Let’s be clear, Campfield has been a controversial State Senator for years, and I in no way endorse his actions.

However, it’s indicative of the current strategy at the so-called most trusted name in news to do outrageous things or bring on controversial guests in order to drive ratings.

As NewsBusters previously reported, CNN on Sunday featured chef Anthony Bourdain saying numerous expletives during primetime. Some speculated that this was all a ratings ploy.

So too it seems is bringing on controversial elected officials virtually no one has heard of – typically Republican of course! – for Morgan to spar with and ridicule rather than have a reasoned discussion about important issues of the day.

If that’s what CNN thinks people want to see, only time will tell if they’re right.

On the other hand, despite Campfield’s oddities, it was indeed a pleasure seeing someone ask Morgan to his face when he’s going to move back to England.

About the Author:

Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters. Click here to follow Noel Sheppard on Twitter.

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