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Legally Laws Must Originate in the House

The insistence that Obama’s healthcare bill was not a tax, was never a tax and would never be a tax, by Obama and many other Demectrats, may have backfired. After the Supreme Court ruling last week, the bill was passed AS A TAX. However, Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution says “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”. Because the Affordable Healthcare for America Act was only passed “as a tax”, and did not originate in the House of Representatives, is it valid?

There is really no good reason for lawmakers and politicians not to follow the law or proper legal procedure. Yet it is becoming more and more consistently part of the legal and political system to ignore laws and just do as each individual person thinks fit.

Health Care Choice Act


St Charles County Caucus March 17, 2012 – Missouri Caucus Rules Abandoned

St Charles County Caucus March 17, 2012

The first video is the first ten minutes of the 2012 St. Charles Missouri County Caucus held at Francis Howell North High School on March 17, 2012. They allowed no recording devices, presumably because they had an inkling that they were abandoning all rules they were supposed to be following and did not want evidence that could later be used to indite them. The videos explain better than I ever could how each step of the way, rules were ignored.

Later the chairman admits to premeditated rigging of the caucus. The caucus rules are not supposed to be decided by the caucus administration, but by the people of the county where the caucus is held. They must be voted on, not decided in advance by the administration. The speaker in this video says that if the “Ron Paul” people take over then the republicans he is speaking to wouldn’t have a voice. But if everyone gets a vote then how could anyone “take over”?

If you want a rundown of what the rules of the caucus were and how to discern exactly which ones were completely ignored, view this video.

St Charles County Caucus


All Delegates are Unbound! Republican Delegate Count Free to Vote their Conscience!

Are RNC delegates bound by rules to vote their party line? Not if you believe the RNC rule 38!


When the dust settles the republican delegate count may not have voted their party line after all!

This video explains a little bit about the new tactics the RNC is using to manipulate the system to their desired outcome rather than letting the delegates vote their conscience. The RNC tried sending Massachusetts delegates an affidavit forcing them to vote for Mitt Romney. The RNC also tried to block Nevada delegates and said they wouldn’t take delegates from Massachusetts.

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