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Some People Think Government is the ONLY Thing that Keeps Society from Collapsing

Many people think that if no government existed there would be complete societal collapse followed by chaos and riots.

Well, I guess if that’s what people choose, but, the truth is, “government” is (or rather should be) just a group of people trying to figure out what would work well (and doing an exceptionally crappy job at it). Everyone could do that voluntarily.



Glenn Beck Explains How Obamacare is Totally Legit and Not Going to Destroy People’s Lives

Glenn Beck… well, what can ya say about him? He’s a different breed of cat.

But whatever your thoughts are on him personally, this is a great explanation of the IRS and Obamacare:


This is The Same Mechanism Used by Puppetmasters to Make Obama Talk – Watch Closely

a puppet and kermit the frog

The exact mechanism used by puppet masters to make Obama talk and the same one that he uses to control all of his followers.

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