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US vs. the Duval Family Farm | You Don’t Have To Be Doing Anything Illegal to Have Your Property Seized

duval vs united states forfiture farm seized

The federal government is run by idiots at this point. It’s no wonder our country is broke. Why don’t we just persecute everyone in the entire world for everything even if there’s no real evidence that it’s causing a problem?

Then let’s make laws that whoever the government says is wrong is wrong no matter what and the government gets to take all their stuff? Great plan!


US vs. the Duval Family Farm

On June 14, 2013, in Drug War, by Kari Boiter

1Located in rural Petersburg, Michigan – about 70 miles southwest of Detroit – the Duval farm has been in the family for generations. The property is being seized by the federal government through civil forfeiture proceedings because of the state-registered medical marijuana greenhouses that were kept on the land. Jeremy and Jerry Duval were convicted at trial and sentenced to five and ten years in prison, respectively. Apparently unsatisfied with robbing a father and son of their freedom, the government has decided to go after the family farm. Jerry Duval Sr. and his wife, Sharon, purchased the 12-acre parcel of land in the 60’s and spent most of their adult lives paying off the deed in $100 per month increments. The property was split into two pieces with Sharon and Jerry Sr. occupying a four-acre portion and Jerry Jr. and his wife, Tracey, living on the other eight acres. The family also owned a 15-acre property that Jeremy called home and an 80-acre parcel that was used strictly for farming.

3When heavily armed federal agents stormed Jerry’s farm, they sent a message to Sharon as well. Threatening to shoot the grandmother in her 70’s if she didn’t stand aside, the machine gun toting militia made a quick and dirty exit by driving their tanks through her gated property next door. Sharon’s dream of retiring on the farm has become a living nightmare. Despite being prescribed anxiety medication to deal with the persistent panic attacks, she made the tough decision to sell the farm and move out of state. The 100-acre portion that her grandchildren were supposed to inherit was also put up for sale to pay off the mounting legal debt. Jerry’s 8-acre farm is all that is left of the property that three generations worked their whole lives to pay for and it’s on track to be handed over to the government this summer.

4Jerry’s wife, Tracey, has moved to a small 1,000 square foot home in a nearby town, in preparation for the forfeiture. In addition to sending her husband to prison for ten years and her stepson’s five-year sentence, the government has displaced this loving mother from the home she has built over the last two decades.

5Enough is enough! It’s time to take back our communities and reform the forfeiture laws that allow generations of hard work to turn to dust.


Secret Service Tells Outspoken Obama Critic “We’ll Come for Your Guns” | Media Remains Silent

government is organized crime

Secret Service to outspoken Obama critic: We’ll come for your guns; Media silent

JUNE 12, 2013

On Tuesday,’s Harriet Baldwin reported that agents of the Secret Service visited Tom Francois, an outspoken critic of President Obama who has over 11,700 Twitter followers and warned him on their way out the door to be careful or they would come back — for his guns. Despite the stir caused on Twitter, the story has been virtually ignored by major media outlets.

According to Baldwin, Francois was visited by federal authorities on April 11, 2013, who had what she described as a “thick FBI file- filled with screenshots of hundreds of posts.”

It seems that Francois is very outspoken against Obama and likes to use programs to create cartoons.

Not only did he comply with their request to “take a look around,” he even signed a search consent form and authorization to review his medical and mental health records.

Francois told the agents upon questioning that he had no intention of doing harm to the president and admitted using his First Amendment right to disagree with Obama.

“Yes, I am EXTREMELY critical of Obama in my posts, but I never cross the line and threaten his being. EVER. It’s just the idea of Obama’s Secret Service intruding on my life when they knew I wasn’t really a threat,” he said.

Francois said the agents agreed he had not threatened Obama, but were concerned about his large Twitter following.

But according to Francois, one agent issued an ominous warning: “Keep in mind, if you step over the line, we’ll come back for your guns.”

Baldwin added:

“They had run a background check and discovered that Tom legally owned two guns- and they asked to see them. Tom showed them his firearms. They asked, ‘Are they loaded?’ Tom replied in the affirmative. ‘What good are guns if they aren’t loaded?'”

Liberty is always freedom from governmentBaldwin said agents also visited his daughter, saying they would turn over all information on Francois to embattled Attorney General Eric Holder.

“He has the last word on what to do, if anything,” the agents allegedly said.

Francois said on Twitter that he was “in shock” for most of the time agents were at his house.

The story created quite a stir on Francois’ Twitter timeline, but a Google search revealed no coverage by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Outside of Baldwin’s report and several conservative blogs, Francois’ ordeal has gone unmentioned.

Despite the silence by the media, Francois said he is “blessed” by the support he received from friends and followers on the social media site.



question everything

This treaty, is purportedly aimed at ending “gun trafficking across international boundaries.”

Yeah right.

You mean like the gun trafficking that Eric Holder’s Department did during Operation Fast and Furious? Where our United States government trafficked guns into Mexico and put them in the hands of violent gun cartels? The same guns that have since been used by the cartels to slaughter hundreds of people (that we know of) including Americans?

Or perhaps they mean ending the gun trafficking that the United States government does by giving arms to Syrian rebels in Al Qaeda?

Anyone paying attention knows where the real problems lie, but the federal government isn’t apparently interested in finding real solutions to real problems. After all, if problems get solved, what are they going to use as excuses for making laws that take rights away from law abiding citizens?

Food for thought: The more turmoil that goes on in the world, the more excuses they have.


On June 3, President Barack Obama will sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).


The ATT passed in the U.N. General Assembly by a vote of 153-4 on April 2.

This treaty is ostensibly aimed at putting an end to gun trafficking across international boundaries, and both Breitbart News and the NRA have argued that it will eventually require an international gun registry in order to be enforceable.

The ATT also provides the executive branch of our government with broad powers for controlling which guns do and don’t come into the country, and includes ambiguous language that a gun-control-friendly administration can use to its advantage.

Even though Obama will sign this treaty, it is not enforceable in the U.S. until the Senate ratifies it by a two-thirds majority.

For the time being, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has pushed through an amendment opposing the treaty. However, Obama’s signature will open the door for the Senate to reconsider a resolution of ratification at a future date.


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