Children Handcuffed Next to Dead Pet While Officers Ransack the Wrong House

How safe does the “War on Drugs” make you feel? The narrative by the government is that it is the drugs that make society unsafe. So just how safe does the WAR on drugs make you feel? Does it make you snuggle down in bed at night feeling safe as a bug in a rug? Do you think to yourself, “Golly, I sure am glad that the ‘authorities’ are looking out for the best interest of myself and my children.”? Me neither 🙁

police tankIf it means that innocent people’s homes can be raided in the middle of the night, to be forced out of their beds nearly naked, at gunpoint, children handcuffed, family dog shot… and children forced to sit next to the carcass of their dead and bloody pet while the “authorities” rummage through your home, it doesn’t make me feel any better at all. Does the thought make you feel safe? Is it more safe for all of us to live in more and more fear daily wondering when the next raid will be? At least they learned one thing from prior police bungles. They apparently didn’t film this one, like the youtube videos below…

If this had only ever happened one time, in the history of the United States it would be WAY too much. Can we seriously accept this in the most super-de-duper, wonderful country on the face of the planet?

In this raid, one daughter had a diabetic reaction due to being denied her medication while police kept her handcuffed next to her dead pet dog so they could rummage through their home and traumatize her for life.

Did I mention that they realized half way through the raid that they were at the wrong home? They meant to raid the home one door down. OOPSY Daisy! So what did they do then? Once they realized they were at the wrong house? They left the family handcuffed and kept on searching the home, of course! (Isn’t that what anyone would do?)

At least they didn’t record their own folly like the police SWAT team in Columbia MO did in a similar incident in 2008. Even if it was the right house or they did have some type of drug, does it really justify this? In the United States of America???

Does it make our children safer to grow up in a world where they are liable to be severely traumatized for absolutely nothing?

And, furthermore, what happens to these brave officers who are only doing their duty? Who is discharged and who’s career is ruined for committing atrocities? Usually no one is. Generally speaking, nothing happens and the people who perpetrate these crimes on others are allowed to keep their good jobs with good benefits and retire peacefully and we, the tax payers pay for it all.

Shall I bore you with more videos of similar wrongful SWAT raids? Of course I shall! Why not? After all, you may be overwhelmed with sadness, denial, rage, fear, frustration or a desire to leave the country, but you have the right to know!

These two brothers house was raided because the police were “distracted” and thought they were going in the neighbors address.

They found “evidence pertinent to the case”, but the Marine they expected to prosecute was shot to death in the process. Oh well… they are justified in their own minds because whatever he was doing wrong was soooo worth killing the guy in the presence of his wife and four year old child!

What good are these laws? Why not let drug users and addicts do what they are going to do anyway? It isn’t as though there is any evidence that prison or parole reforms drug users.

Or how about this case… Anonymous threats were made online to the police and their families so they identified the router that the threat had come from. It was an UNSECURED wi-fi network coming from a private residence. They were so sure that they found their man that they invited news crews to film them. Unfortunately after the bombs and gunfire settled, they just found a teenage girl watching TV and her elderly grandmother. Come to find out that anyone could have sent the threat using their unsecured internet connection.

I feel safer, don’t you?


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