Unconstitutional Spying and Intimidation – Use and History of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The use and history of unmanned military drones has been under much scrutiny lately by the media and citizens. Although the use of these drones as military weapons on foreign soil has been known for some time, more recent developments have shown that the military and law enforcement agencies are currently using these unmanned drones in the United States.

A non-classified U.S. Air Force intelligence report obtained by KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO dated April 23, 2012, is fueling concern that video and data inadvertently captured by Air Force drones (currently flying through some U.S. airspace) might end up in the hands of federal or local law enforcement, eliminating the need for normal procedures requiring police to obtain court issued warrants.

“We’ve seen in some records that were released by the Air Force just recently, that under their rules, they are allowed to fly drones in public areas and record information on domestic situations,” says Jennifer Lynch, an attorney with the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Association, who is looking into various government surveillance techniques.


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