Drone Americans? On American Soil? Without Due Process? | Just Answer the Question, Mr. President, Mr. Holder, Mr. Brennan

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Thank you Rand Paul, for leading over 13 hours of Senate filibuster yesterday, demanding an answer from the President on whether or not he believes it to be contrary to the 5th amendment of the US Constitution to target non-combatant American citizens on US soil for assassination by the use of drones. Simple question.

The Senate confirmation of a new CIA director, John Brennan, who also would not answer the question directly, hinges upon receiving a satisfactory answer to that question. Attorney General Eric Holder ( the man behind the Fast and Furious operation which armed Mexican criminals with government provided weaponry in the [possibly CIA backed] drug trafficing trade), also formally refused to answer that question. Holder’s letter to Senator Paul in response to the question was read in its entirety during the filibuster so that there would be no question of the evasive nature of its answer. And, as of this morning, THE PRESIDENT STILL REFUSES TO DIRECTLY ANSWER THAT QUESTION. This somehow does not smell right to me.

Some may call me and others lovers of liberty “haters” for standing firm on this and on many other liberty sensitive issues. Such labeling is just evil’s own cover. What I hate is evil, and so does all of God’s creation. So, let us all BE God’s creation and stand up now against evil.

rand paulSome may say that in my line of work ,one should be silent on political issues. Politics and religion DO mix, when evil begins to walk on the rights of the people. In my view, this is a problematic situation indicating the active influence of evil operating in high human offices. Does the failure of the President to be willing to answer this question in ONE SIMPLE WORD indicate to anyone else the possibility of some kind of hidden motives, intentions ,or expectations of future domestic events to which the public is not privy? Everyone, stand up for your Constitution and thank God for its blessed contents.

-Stirling Watts CS




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