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Michelle Obama to Dublin Ireland: ‘It Is Good to Be Home’

“Tt’s good to be HOME!” Said the First Lady to Dublin, Ireland crowds today in the British Isles. TelePrompTer-bound….Michelle Obama tried her best:

Speaking at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, at a performance by of “Riverdance” by Irish youth, First Lady Michelle Obama thanked the crowd and said, “It is good to be home.”

“My goodness! (Applause.) That’s wonderful! You did it! Oh, my goodness. (Applause.) Thank you all so much. It is good to be home. Yes, indeed. You all are amazing — and you’re pretty good-looking, too. (Laughter.),” she said as she took the stage.

Later, the first lady expanded on the comments. “I want to thank all you for being here. You know, kids, you guys, young people — you guys have my heart. And I said this in Belfast earlier — it’s so true. (Laughter.) Look, my girls know — I can embarrass them and love them to death — but young people, you guys move me in ways that you don’t even imagine. So it was so important for us that while we were here we got to do something with the young people here in Dublin. So thank you for such a warm welcome. You have made my family feel right at home in Ireland, and you guys are pretty awesome,” she said.

And, a third time in her short remarks, Obama talked about the importance of home:I want you to take that away with you this summer. I want you to look at me and Barack and all these wonderful leaders and understand that we are you. We are just like you — just kids who worked a little hard and dreamt pretty big, and got to do some wonderful things.”

And when you get to that special place, I want you to understand it is your duty and your responsibility to give back to the community that made you who you are.  So you never forget home, right?  You never forget home.  And what my girls are learning is that every day, their home gets bigger and bigger and bigger.  It is no longer just the South Side of Chicago or Washington D.C., but it is Moneygall, it is Dublin — it is the world.  And that is true for you.

So keep working hard.  Finish strong.  I know you’re not done with school — two more weeks for many of you.  Finish strong, and do great things.  I can’t wait to see who you all become.

Thank you.  God bless.  Let’s see a great show.  (Applause.)



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