Obama Bites – The Multivitamin That’ll Help You Deal With Dystopia!

Obama Bites

Is freedom, liberty and the American way getting you down? You need Obama Bites!

Obama Bites is full of essential vitamins like:

  • Vitamin B-afraid of everything!
  • Vitamin C-something/ say something!
  • Vitamin D-stroy the Constitution!

And Trace Minerals Like:

  • Squeezium to help you get through TSA checkpoints at the airport.
  • Obomnesium helps you forget American History all the way back to 1776
  • Ridiculum to help you deal with the awesome new restrictions Americans face daily
  • Dystopium to help you accept the coming dystopia

Obama Bites


Mike Adams is now marketing a new product which has been endorsed by Barry Sotero himself. Obama Bites has everything you need to destroy your body and mind but it will maintain your ability to agree with everything Obama and cronies. Get your Obama Bites today!


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