Obama Care Bill Turns Full-Time Jobs Into Part-Time Jobs

Empty Business Buildings for Rent

The Obama Care bill will turn many full-time jobs Into part-time jobs. There are many unforeseen,  unwanted and unpopular side effects of the socialistic healthcare system spearheaded by the Obama administration. News broadcasts are full of stories of conflict and turmoil caused by issues related to birth control, abortion, patient rights issues, patients privacy and so on, but their is a more universal side effect that few have taken into consideration.

Obama care requires employers to offer healthcare to their full time employees and the insurance offered must meet certain requirements. This means that many businesses, especially small businesses, will be forced to pay more for employee insurance or have fewer full time employees. The legislation is health care related and doesn’t require employers to have a specific number or percent of full time employees.

Many businesses will be opting for more, part time and fewer full time workers rather than going out of business due to the high cost of healthcare. If I were in that same position, I might very well opt for having a few more employees who each work fewer hours a week. It would seem better to me to choose that over the financial strain of offering what I would legally be required to offer to full timers.

Many businesses aren’t particularly lucrative, but have enough cash flow to keep going week to week. These types of businesses include, for instance, restaurants, garages, and many local supply stores. These are big part of any local economy and any local economy suffers when a local area starts losing them.

Obama Care Bill

Obama Care Bill – Wages Decrease and Businesses Go Under

The owners don’t plan to be rich, they plan to make a profit and have enough money to retire by the time they are 70. Socialistic legislation crushes simple dreams like these for many small business owners and forces small businesses to treat their employees worse, not better.

On the up side, we can all look forward to having birth control and abortions available to us, so I guess this makes it worthwhile to have a further devastated economy, more people under employed or unemployed and more small businesses replaced by huge corporations that hire primarily part time employees to avoid paying their insurance. So I guess nothing will change except local people won’t be making any profit from the businesses they lost and those businesses will be replaced by large corporations that encourage their employees to use welfare and medicaid to subsidize their part-time, minimum-wage incomes. We can expect welfare use to go up as wages and hours go down for employees.

Here is my question about our plans and thoughts about the future in this country. With anything this predictable, why do we pretend that it doesn’t exist, ignore it, argue about it and then act completely shocked when it happens? We need to elect people with foresight to head the country (and therefore the economy) in the right direction.



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