Police Brutality Towanda Pennsylvania | Robert Leone Beating Followup | Worse than Rodney King

A police brutality case in Towanda, PA that became public in 2012 shocked the nation. The nature of the police brutality was worse than the Rodney King beating that outraged the public, but the public has been much less vocal over the Robert Leone beating thus far.

The Robert Leone Beating was recorded by the troopers own dash cam.

Public Safety Takes an Ugly Turn in Robert Leone’s Case

The question I see is this: is it more dangerous to society to have a citizen that fails to pull over immediately when followed at a low speed by officers or to have state troopers willing to beat someone mercilessly for failing to pull over? What if one officer climbs up on a car and jumps on the suspect and if another breaks his finger punching the suspect in the skull while he’s laying motionless on the ground? Take him out of the hospital to further beat him twice? Trump up false charges to hide their own foul actions? This seems to be the scenario in Robert Leone’s case according to the video from the police dash cam, medical records, documented evidence.

I don’t know about you, but to me I would rather take my chances with the guy who failed to pull over after not breaking any laws than a cop (in this case a group of cops, who are willing to beat someone mercilessly after they are already in handcuffs and lying on the ground). The officers involved were not disciplined (and have since been promoted) and the victim of the brutal beating was sent to jail for 2.5 years.

Mr. Leone Taken To Hospital 3 Separate Times – Once Unconscious

leone beatingLast year The Daily Unconstitutional reported on the apparent police brutality case of Robert Leone. While driving near Towanda, PA, Leone realized he was being followed by an officer with flashing lights. He misread the situation and decided the officer wanted to go around him so he slowed down instead of pulling over. After failing to stop when an officer attempted to pull him over, another official car blocked the road and they pulled Mr. Leone out of the car.

Video footage showed law enforcement officials apparently beating Robert Leone who was laying flat on the ground. One officer climbed on top of a car and jumped onto Mr. Leone and another officer broke his finger punching Mr. Leone in the skull.

An ambulance was called for Mr. Leone, but instead the officer with a broken finger took the ambulance, leaving Mr. Leone on the scene. The details of what happened over the next few hours are not entirely clear, but it is clear that Mr. Leone was taken to the hospital on three separate occasions over the next several hours, each time in a worse state of health than he was before and the last time unconscious. It was reported that he attempted to complain to hospital staff about being beaten and he was checked out of the hospital to be beaten further.

PA Highway Patrol Has a Long History of Corruption and Abuse

The news is brimming with incidents of illegal and improper conduct of official officers in PA. “Over 150 Pennsylvania State Troopers Have Been Arrested Since 1994” and “Despite three separate incidents in February involving disgraced Pennsylvania state troopers, the public outrage has been minimal.” according to www.copblock.org. State troopers in Pennsylvania have been found guilty of everything from obstructing a child molestation case to criminal solicitation to rape (code for soliciting a minor) to being involved in an arson plot to many DUI’s.

After serving more than 2½ years of a 16-to-48-month jail sentence stemming from four misdemeanor convictions at a 2010 jury trial, Leone was released last month from Bradford County jail and into parole supervision. 

Leone was granted parole on March 16, 2012 — before the video of his arrest was made public — but remained incarcerated until he submitted an approved home plan to Pennsylvania officials.

If Officials Are Not Punished For Abuse, Incidence Will Continue to Increase

None of the officers involved in Leone’s beating were disciplined in any way for this incident and, in fact, since that time some have received pay raises. Pennsylvania State Police spokeswoman declined to discuss the results of an internal investigation into the incident.

In March, Leone filed a federal lawsuit against against the Pennsylvania State Police and the troopers allegedly involved in the incident. The defendants denied the allegations against them in a legal document filed in July 2012.

The release of the video in June attracted national and international media attention, and in its wake, many in northern Pennsylvania called for an official probe into the behavior of the police involved and for Leone to be freed from incarceration.

Robert Leone Abuse Case and Official Retribution

He was there on four misdemeanor charges: accident involving damage to attended vehicle; fleeing or attempting to elude an officer; simple assault; and resisting arrest. However, documents show the “resisting arrest” charge against Leone stemmed from a broken pinkie finger suffered by an officer who punched Leone in the head while Leone was laying on the ground handcuffed and immobile.

The troopers dash cam seems to show the damage to the vehicle was from an officer swerving in front of him to block him during the low-speed “chase” and we’ve already covered the “resisting arrest” charge. The other charges are similarly unsubstantiated by the video tape.

In other words, the state troopers involved wanted to make Leone look as bad as possible in court so they charged him with things that they themselves were guilty of causing just to get a conviction. It worked. Congrats PA State troopers and thanks for all your hard work.


55 Responses to Police Brutality Towanda Pennsylvania | Robert Leone Beating Followup | Worse than Rodney King

  1. site911248 says:

    Bookmarked your website so I can come back to it later. Thanks.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      Thanks! Glad you’ll be back!

      • dustin wonnacott says:

        do you know mr.leone? because i feel as we the people should do something about this horrifying brutality. aswell every officer involved should be brought up on charges for assault. im actually becoming a law enforcement officer because i feel there are not many good cops left, there should be laws on the way cops can and cannot talk to a civilian and or a prisoner. we have to stand against these so called “officers” who swore to protect us, there just on a power trip and get a natural high off it. feel free to contact me at 1-989-670-0837 i will do all i can to see these “officers” brought to justice and serve the time they deserve.

        for the people,
        Mr. Dustin Wonnacott

        • Kristen Watts says:

          Dustin! Thanks for the input. I didn’t know Mr. Leoone. I have done quite a bit of research on his story, though. I am glad that good people are becoming law enforcement officers. I do think that there are many good officers left, but that the federal government is manipulating the training and “tone” of state and local law enforcement. I am definitely in favor of all government employees restricting themselves and being restricted by the government to a constitutional level of conduct instead of acting more like thugs than the thugs they are supposed to be policing! Thanks! Have a good one!

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  4. that guy says:

    I really enjoyed this post

  5. Kristen Watts says:

    Send me a link to your blog 🙂 kristen [at] dailyunconstitutional.com

  6. Fantastic website. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you to your sweat!

  7. IndianMan says:

    I also saw the video. As a stranger, I feel extremely upset, I can’t even imagine what his parents would had gone through.

    But this also leads me to ask, with CNN publishing so many hatred filled articles against Indian men, Ive never heard one white man feel sorry or try to protest this racism. Most of them use the opportunity to vent out their racist anger. Thinking of that, I feel a little less upset now. Maybe not. I am still upset. I am not heartless like them.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      I know what you mean and these types of cases (police brutality / inappropriate use of force / etc) seem to be increasing. 🙁 Thanks for caring. I’ve been following this story for a while and it seems the officers responsible were never disciplined and have since been promoted.

  8. IndianMan says:

    Is there a way I can send money to him? Does he have an official site?

  9. I enjoy looking through an article that will make people
    think. Also, many thanks for allowing for me
    to comment!

  10. It just ****es me off that people like Casey Anthony literally gets away with Murder when there are people in the Great State of Florida that get the ever living dog crap beaten out of them for doing nothing but getting into a slight disagreement with an officer just because the cop feels he is drunk or the officer feels “this guy does NOT belong OUT IN PUBLIC!!!!! and then at the same time Lindsay Lohan think’s she is above the law!!! anyone else would get the freakin dog crap beaten out of them and Where is Al Sharpton on all this????? he does not give a damn because Robert Leone is white so he can go to Hell, according to Sharpton! it makes me angry that most people in society think once a person is arrested they are ****!!!
    I mean look at that woman from Wells Fargo she got fired for something she did in the past now they say you have to get over your past BUT HOW CAN YOU,when the past comes back to haunt you????

  11. It Just ****es me off that even in Florida there are people like Casey Anthony that literally get away with Murder when there are people in the Great State of Florida
    that get brutally beaten by the police for doing absolutly nothing but getting into a slight disagreement with the officer just because he feels he is drunk or just does NOT BELONG OUT IN PUBLIC!!! And when the officer Yell’s “Stop resisting” they are only saying that for permition to beat the suspect more and more its like they enjoy every minute of beating the person!!! It also ****es me off that there are people like Lindsay Lohan that think they are ABOVE THE LAW, when at the same time people are getting the hell beaten out of them just for being out in public… and where the hell is Al Sharpton on all this???
    is it because Robert Leone is white so the Hell with Robert Leone?????

    • jesse says:

      I don’t care if you are red, blue, pink,white, or any other color imaginable. No one deserves to be best like that.I really thin this is a case where president Obama needs to step, island make sure that these goons with badges are held accountable for their action. Boy would I like to get my hands on that pink ass trooper doing all the screaming. IM sure he is abusive to his wife, or bf. He’s just a miserable *****. Hopefully he will be locked up soon. We will see who’s the birch then. Let me take him to Compton for awhile. I’ll write press Obama. Something needs to be done. WE A THE PEOPLE. Someday The police will pay for The abuse they dish out

  12. It Makes me Very Angry not just in PA but at the same time CASEY ANTHONY literally Gets away with Murder when at the same time in the Great State of Florida, there are people who are getting there ever living Hell beaten out of them by the police for doing Nothing but having a slight disagreement with the officer either because the cop thinks he is drunk or just DON’T BELONG OUT IN PUBLIC!!!!
    It also makes me furious that people like Lindsay Lohan think they are ABOVE THE LAW when at the same time innocent people getting brutally beaten by the police and where is Al Sharpton during all of this Doesn’t he care about Robert Leone or AL just cares about his own people and Leone can go to Hell????
    Another thing that infuriates me is that once you are arrested Your Life is OVER you are nothing but GARBAGE!!!
    look at the woman from Wells Fargo she got fired over a crime she committed 40 years ago how can you get over the past when it comes back to haunt you????

  13. Candace says:

    I tend not to leave a comment, however I read a few of the responses on Police Brutality Towanda Pennsylvania | Robert Leone Beating
    Followup | Worse than Rodney King | The Daily Unconstitutional.
    I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or do some of these responses look like they are written by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing at other online social sites, I’d like to follow anything new you have
    to post. Would you post a list of every one of all your public pages like your Facebook page,
    twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  14. TTrain says:

    What a bunch of rotten, lousy psychopaths. Why are they not facing federal civil rights violations charges?? WTF?? What an abhorrent abomination!! Those ROTTEN, VILE, SOCIOPATHIC COCKSUCKERS!!! They should all, everyone of them, be in jail!! And beaten more severely than what the Leone kid was unjustifiably subjected to!! ****ing disgrace!!

  15. subvet4 says:

    I watched the video and to be honest could not understand how Mr. Leone could be convicted of anything. Then I found out the video did not come out until after he was convicted. I’m sure some of the jurors must be disgusted at what they saw, but alas the damage was done. The prosecutor was despicable the cops were reprehensible and the victim was persecuted and the public does nothing. Remember it can be your son or daughter that meets up with these thugs and because you don’t care about Mr. Leone nobody will care about you. These criminals need to be taken off the streets of our country and Mr. Leone needs justice or what this country stands for and what I served for means nothing.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      The justice system in the United States is devolving rapidly into the “injustice system”. The police officers that get prosecuted often did nothing wrong, but the media jumps on them and they lose everything. In the majority of cases like this of blatant abuse, nothing happens to any of the police officers. I don’t understand it. I read every day about atrocities that go on the the prisons, often to innocent people or mentally disabled people and wonder what I could do to help. The truth is, I don’t know what to do but blog about it. Thanks for your comment and your concern. You can also check out http://www.facebook.com/DailyUnconstitutional .

  16. Mike From SD says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I used to keep a very high opinion of this fine nation’s police force, but some recent experinances have since changed my opinion 180 degrees. Couldnt believe all the horrible cases ive seen online.

    I cant tell you how happy i am you’re keeping this blog going.

    Is there an update to Mr. Leone’s case? Its been well over a year and was hoping I could find out if he

    A). Won a judgement? How much if he did?
    B). Secondly, has there been any movement on the prosection of the animals dressed like cops?

    Thank you again for this blog. You, and concerned citizens like you, are doing a fine service to this nation.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      Hi, Mike and thanks so much for following and being a fan! Here are the updates I have to this point on Mr. Leone. This was from yesterday from the family spokesperson: “After 2.5 years in jail Robert is now home. He has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers involved and the case should go to trial this spring.” As of this point, as far as I know, not one of the officers involved has received any form of discipline. No, not even the one that punched him in the skull so hard he broke his own finger when Mr. Leone was hog tied face down, nor the one that got up on the car and jumped off onto Mr. Leone in what is called a “Monkey Stomp” when Mr. Leone was hog tied face down on the ground. So there you have it. Maybe some day he will receive some amount of justice.

  17. […] I am surprised he didn't end up looking like this guy: Police Brutality Towanda Pennsylvania | Robert Leone Beating Followup | Worse than Rodney King | The… __________________ Former samurai owner…….. I AM IN NOW WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY […]

  18. Robert Parnell says:

    To you that advocate beating anyone up, even the cops, are no better than what you are angry about. The cops assumed something, got mad, and reacted with violence. So you want to react with violence? Really? Wow. Sue them. Prosecute them. Make them accountable. But commit the same act they committed? That’s the mentality that is causing the degradation of our institutional processes to begin with. THAT makes me sick. God Bless and I hope you find some peace.

  19. Michael Throckmorton says:

    I’ll say one thing and one thing only. America is sinking and I’m jumping ship. End of story.

  20. Michael Throckmorton says:

    I hate police brutality and government corruption as much as the next guy, but what can I do to help? Oh yeah, that’s right. The constitution says that citizens can protest the government if they’re unhappy about it. But if people do protest they are quickly suppressed. What to do, What to do…

  21. Michael Throckmorton says:

    I thought that the confederacy was bad, but the U.S Government is worse than they are.

  22. Michael Throckmorton says:

    Land of Liberty is what they call America. What a joke. More like the Land of Injustice and Corruption.

  23. Michael Throckmorton says:

    Obama really needs to grow a pair. If he even does have a pair,which I doubt he does, then they’re shriveled up.

  24. Michael Throckmorton says:

    I know how you feel IndianMan. I may be as white as a cup of coffe with creamer but I have Choctaw/Cherokee blood running in my Veins and I’m PROUD OF IT. Oh, by the way, I just found out that if you’re arrested and you’re miranda rights aren’t read to you anything you say can’t be used against you.^_^

  25. Michael Throckmorton says:

    I ❤️ your website. I’ve officialy bookmarked your site so I can come back to it later.^_^

  26. Michael Throckmorton says:

    America is being disgraced from it’s former glory. I don’t wanna see that happen.

  27. Brandon Polansky says:

    It has been 2 years since I visuted this page and so much has been since we had the riots in Furgusen, MO we had Eric Garner saying “I Can’t Breathe” and Yes the Cops are hear to serve and protect but they can also runred lights park in handicap spots beat women and children shoot unarmed man frame innocent people and just aout do whatever the hell they want so you can even forget about JUSTICE FOR KELLY, the cops that beat a homeless man to death and not only got away with it but when they where hugging their lawyers in the courtroom it wasn’t because they didn’t have to do any jail-time but it was becuase they felt like Hroes that day tsking out kelly Thomas as if he was Osama Bin Ladden they took out a homeless how are they alike??? they both have long beards? now these cowards that call themselves Heros make all the Cops of the world look like Bullies with Badges even if I was a cop I woiuldn’t want Many Ramos or Jay Patrick Citrinelli representing me because THESE GUYS ARE AN EMBARRESMENT TO LAW-ENFORCEMENT!!!!

  28. Brandon Polansky says:

    THESE COPS RUINED THIS GUY’S LIFE, What should Robert Leone say? THANK YOU, FOR RUINING MY LIFE??? I hope you enjoyed every second hearing me scream for my life as You-Cops PUMMELED me to the Ground, but guess just because it’s in the past a person like this can NOT put it behind him, look at Paula Dean, she didn’t even commit a crime, so she said an offensive word LIKE MORE THEN 30 YEARS AGO, Yet the media Haunted her down as if she was the most DISPICABLE person on the planet even if you say “I feel sorry for Paula Dean” then you’re DISPICABLE too!!! I only learned one thing from that Paula Dean BS, You can’t get over the past if it will come back to haunt you So if you ever get beaten by the police, YOU’RE LIFE IS OVER IF YOU JUST GET ARRESTED!!! You can’t get on with your life if something so messed up like this happens to you!Some people feel “whats the point on trying to get a job No One will hire me, Whats the point on trying to meet new people, weather it’s online dating or just being OUT IN PUBLIC, everyone thinks I’m Scum of the Earth Now!” Most people feel like just giving up on life. We all know Eric Garner’s last words were I CAN’T BREATHE, he said it 11 times to the Cops as they where choking him to death, He did Not say THANK YOU 11 times, so if Forgiveness is the New “F”Word, then “F” these Sick in the Head Cowards that call themselves Cops I’m NOT saying all cops are bad but a lot of them are just an EMBARASSMENT to law-enforcement!!!

  29. Ramsey says:

    I have also followed the Leone case for a long time, I don’t think it got the attention needed. I am so angry that still no punishment has been enforced to the troopers that did this. Today I seen a new article on a man beaten in California all caught by a helicopter and all police immediately punished and I am sure further punishment will come, its a shame that this was not done in the Leone case!! Thing is it was their own dash cams!! No one there but them and their dash cams and they were in possession if them all along someone should have caught onto this and not take 2 1/2 years to get him out. I feel his beating was harsher and lasted far longer than the 2 minutes this man in California endured with immediate consequences to the officers. Leone had no reason to be running from the law and he didn’t run from the law. Nor did he do anything after to warrant the violence he endured. To this day when u say police violence I immediately think of Leone I pray he gets the justice he deserves somehow and someway. Even with family and supporters on the block of the courthouse nothing was done to change anything, I think the court system is also liable in this case, as well as the entire Pennsylvania State Troopers entity for not correcting their own wrongs. The entire system there needs abolished and restructuring. Best of luck to Mr. Leone!!

  30. Tony says:

    Trial starts Monday May 11th.

  31. unknown says:

    thank You Ms.Watts

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