Police Officer Shatters Students Car Window



A University of Central Florida police officer is under investigation after video of a traffic stop surfaced, showing a student’s car window shatter after he claimed she started to roll it up on his hand.

The traffic stop happened Wednesday, Sept. 4 along Gemini Boulevard on the UCF campus.

Video from UCF Police Officer Timothy Isaacs’s lapel camera showed him pull over Victoria King for a broken brake light. King, who was 25 at the time, said the car was her mother’s, and she did not have the vehicle’s registration card.


After Isaacs processed King’s information and walked back to her car to give her a ticket, King, who was identified as a UCF student, became upset and refused to roll down the window when the officer asked multiple times.

When she refused to roll down her window all the way, Isaacs then asked King to step out of the car. The video showed King asking the officer what law said that she must obey those orders. Isaacs told her she was being detained for a traffic infraction, and warned her he would break the window if she didn’t comply.

Isaacs then put his hand on the top of the window, which was rolled down about a quarter of the way. After he did that, Isaacs said King started to roll up the window on his arm, prompting him to shatter the car window.

“I forcefully pulled my arm back and broke the window due to the defendant’s blatant disregard to all of the orders that were given to her, and her attempt to close the window on my arm,” Isaacs wrote in an arrest affidavit.

After shattering the window, Isaacs and another responding UCF police officer grabbed King’s arms and took her out of the vehicle. Isaacs said King continued to resist arrest as they got her out of the car and put her in handcuffs.

King was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer — one count of resisting with violence, and a second count for resisting without violence.

She has since filed a formal complaint against Isaacs. In the video, King said she was bleeding.

Isaacs also wrote in the arrest report that King told officers she was having a miscarriage, but after a medic arrived, it was discovered that King did not know for sure whether or not she was pregnant. King refused transport to a hospital, Isaacs said.

UCF said it would not comment on the incident, since the investigation was ongoing.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9a9_1379691338


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  1. Under Florida law a driver of a vehicle is not required to “sign” a traffic citation for a “noncriminal” traffic offense. Having a tail light out is a “noncriminal” offense. This officer dishonestly led everyone to believe in the video that Ms. King had to roll her window down because he had to reach into the vehicle to have her sign the ticket. This is bunk. All he had to do was hand Ms. King her yellow copy of the Uniform Traffic Citation used in Florida and let her go on her way. The officer’s negligence, lack of training, lack of experience, and attitude forced the situation to escalate. “But for” Isaacs misconducts, Ms. King would not now be charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor. Isaacs should have just handed her the yellow driver copy and let her go on to her doctors appointment. In fact, Isaacs should have just given her a warning about the bad tail light and let her go on her way. Instead, Isaacs had a hard on for King to roll the window “all the way down” when this was not required and got ****ed when she did not respond. This is the other side of the story for this traffic stop. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has intervened so hopefully Ms. King will get some help to fight this injustice.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      Thanks, Kevin, for your insight into this case. I was unfamiliar with Florida law on this topic, but I am aware that in most instances people are not required to role their window down all of the way or step out of the vehicle when receiving a citation for a non-criminal offense. In an situation where people are having a potentially severe medical issues, it would be nice to see an officer offer some kind of help or at least leave them alone and let them get to their doctor appointment.

    • ashley e says:

      I think you’re missing the part where she acts like a complete ******* for quite a while before he comes back and the video starts.

  2. Don'tTryToLieToMe says:

    The Law Enforcement Officer was totally within his rights in this case and I find his self control amazing. This stupid ARROGANT WITCH needed to be gagged to shut her flucking big fat mouth. I cannot stand this kind of arrogance in ANYONE! NOT anyone.

    This stupid, stupid ARROGANT WITCH who feels she is entitled because she is black, is failing to comply with the simplest request and deserves worse than what she got. She refuses to shut the phuck up and is making statements she thinks will make the case that she was ABUSED by a LEO! Maybe she should have been beaten like Robert Leone was. HER PARENTS taught her to behave this way. She is what is wrong with this world.

    This incident with this stupid arrogant WITCH does NOT help the “US and THEM” situation that is so prevalent today and that we now find ourselves in with Law Enforcement.

    • Kristen Watts says:

      Wow… well, race wasn’t really brought up in this video for one thing. For another thing people are routinely brutalized by police for no legal reason. The law doesn’t state that you have to role your window all the way down if an officer asks. For another thing she did state that she was having a miscarriage and needed to go to the health clinic. You are only supposed to be detained by the police if they believe there is reasonable cause to believe you have committed a crime, are in the process of committing a crime or are about to commit a crime. I can’t ascertain from this video why she was pulled over, but the officer stated he was giving her a citation for some safety related issue… I personally don’t think that a person should be harassed in this manner by the police but whether or not he was technically within his rights in the city, state and county he was in at the time would require more evidence to ascertain. One thing that most people don’t consider is that just because someone is dressed up like an officer doesn’t mean they are one. In my local area a man recently dressed up like an officer at night and pulled women over to sexually assault them. Another thing that people don’t consider is that people do get beaten like Robert Leone for no good reason, just like Robert Leone did. Therefore, I don’t think that law enforcement officers should have the freedom and leeway to do whatever they want in the name of the law. I believe their power should be restricted and that they should only be able to protect the public instead of having a million reasons to harass regular citizens when they are acting in a non-dangerous, non-violent manner.

    • BILL HOOD says:

      You must be one of our typical corrupt rogue children in blue? So educated foul mouthed cop listen up. About 4 months ago I was pulled over by a cop in Louisiana. This was in a school zone. I was pulled over for using a camera in a school zone. I thought that the new law meant only cell phones could not be used while driving through a school zone. The law stated that any portable electronic device cannot be used while driving through a school zone. The cop asked me for my drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. I handed it to him through the 4 inch crack in my window. He then does his background check on me and proceeds to professionally hand my documents back to me through the same 4 inch window opening. I was not cited and I drove off. Why did this situation NOT escalate? It was because the cop made the correct choice to NOT ask me to roll my window down all the way. It was his choice and he made a good one. Asking me to roll my window down would have been an unreasonable and unlawful request. Go get a REAL education on Cop enforcement.

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