Prepare for Cosmic Impacts in FEMA Region 3!

Soooooo, my guess is that most of you are going to say that everything is just peachy and cool, and there is nothing to worry about in and around the DC area, in spite of these warnings coming directly from our government, which, by the way, have NOT been directed at the public! No, they have been directed at foreign powers! You, the public, are being kept in the dark. Do you believe that the DHS is there for our own good, and that people who are concerned about this activity are crazy conspiracy theorists reacting to nothing real except fear itself?

Well, is all of this information just all made up? Why would it be made up? What would be the motivation for all of these independent sources to come up with all of this agreeing information about the despotic and tyrannical actions of the DHS? Wake UP, America!!!

Certain people, in sadly massive numbers, self righteous do-gooders who think themselves spiritually enlightened Christians who have condemned my views and called them “paranoid” falsely believe that we can make evil leave our experience by just leaving it alone. They will soon be facing a reality check. How do you get a handle on ANY kind of evil? By wishing it away and believing that it is not really influencing our experience? You misunderstand the deceptive nature of evil itself. Evil IS deception itself! That is its very definition! “A liar and the father of it”!

The truth is, that if evil is making ANY appearance in your human experience, you as a human being are already its victim, and are living under the influence over which you faslely claim dominion through the action of ignoring it. You are wrong. Evil MUST be exterminated from consciousness before it will or can leave human experience,.

YOU and I are the only ones who can control our own consciousness, and hence govern the experience we consciously live in. You do not live God;s life until you conscioiusly act it out and BE God’s life made manifest. That does not mean looking the other way in the face of evil suggestion. Do you think this is crazy talk? You are sadly mistaken. Do you think I am just a fearful lunatic? Then just wait and see the results of the action of your own thoughts, or the lack of exercise thereof.

It may be a hard lesson for all of humanity – one which it continues to repeat generation after generation. But it does NOT have to be this way! But, you can be sure that that is what mankind will experience for as long as you bury your head in the sand, covering your eyes and ears and mouth chanting “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.


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