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Man Claims Unarmed Son Was Executed During 8 Hour FBI Interrogation

man claims unarmed son was executed during 8 hour fbi interrogation execution style in his apartment
 Man Claims Unarmed Son Was Executed During 8 Hour FBI Interrogation

ORLANDO, FL — After an 8 hour interrogation, FBI agents shot an UNARMED man 6 times in the chest and once in the back of the head. The man was Ibragim Todashev, a Chechen immigrant being investigated because he was an acquaintance of one of the suspects of the marathon bombing last month in Boston.

Todashev’s father says his son was killed “execution style.” During a press conference in Moscow, he held up pictures of his son’s autopsy. The suspect was clearly shot in the back of the head.

FBI agents originally claimed that the suspect came after them with a knife after 8 hours of interrogation. But they later changed their story and said that there was no knife. The man was unarmed in his apartment.

 “Maybe my son knew some sort of information that the police didn’t want to get out,” said the victim’s father. “They shut him up. That’s my opinion.”

He suggested that the FBI didn’t want his son to return to Russia.Incidentally, during a previous interview with the FBI, Todashev told agents that he believed Tamerlan Tsarnaev was set up to take the blame for the Boston bombing.

man claims unarmed son was executed during 8 hour fbi interrogation execution style in his apartment






It’s Now OK for the Government to Operate Child Porn Websites | Just Thought You’d Like to Know

FBI Runs Child Porn Website

So not only does your government start illegal wars, slaughter millions including women and children, run drugs to other countries and supply the enemy with weapons… apparently, THEY ALSO RUN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY WEBSITES.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has run an online child pornography service, continuing to distribute indecent material to customers after seizing the site following an investigation into such activity in 2012.

According to court testimonies made by an FBI agent in Seattle, Washington, officials of the country’s domestic intelligence agency then “allowed thousands of pedophiles the ability to share images of children being raped, exposed, and abused” for two weeks after the seizure of the Nebraska-based illegal on-line operation, US-based daily Seattle Pi reported Tuesday.

FBI Runs Child Porn WebsiteThe move by FBI agents, the report adds, was part of an effort to “identify” more than 5,000 customers that used or were affiliated with the child pornography service.

This is while the FBI has refused to discuss the potentially controversial probe or the possible motives of its investigators for continuing to run the criminal operation.

“This remains an ongoing investigation, and local court rules and Department of Justice policy prohibit me from providing more information at this time,” said Sandy Breault, spokeswoman for the FBI Omaha Division.

The report further adds that a home in western Washington State has also been raided in connection to the case since the seizure of the pornographic website but no criminal charges have been filed against anyone yet.


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