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Don’t Ever Talk To The Police | Anything You Say Can be Used AGAINST You BUT It Can’t Be Used FOR You


One of the most fascinating youtube videos I have recently seen is entitled Don’t Talk To Police. It is a law professor addressing his law students. He used to be a defense attorney. The video has been viewed over two million times and for good reason. I had no idea before watching it that a police officer can be a star witness against you based on what you say to him or her, BUT if your attorney calls them to the stand to speak on your behalf the other attorney will immediately object to it as hearsay (if they worth their salt as an attorney) .

He describes the many circumstances in which what you say can be used against you, but repeatedly explains why and how nothing you say will never be of any use on your behalf.

For instance, did you know that if you are telling the truth, BUT some sincere and credible, but mistaken person gives testimony against you, their testimony alone could not help the prosecutor,  BUT combined with your statement (even if your statement is the truth), it can be used against you to make it look like you are lying.

He points out several recent cases where well intentioned people have talked to police because they THOUGHT they had nothing to hide, but it came back to bite them in the proverbial hind-quarters when they were convicted, not of what they were originally charged with, but of lying to the police.

A good defense attorney is an invaluable tool in situations like the ones described above if for no other reason than to remind you not to talk to the police. Click the banner below to find out how you can secure your attorney for around $17 a month.


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