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The Media Does Not Sensationalize The Fact That Guns Protect Innocent Lives

Here are a few news stories about people protecting themselves or others with firearms. These incidents happen regularly, but the media will probably not exploit and dramatize any such acts of protection and courage because they will not keep millions of people on the edge of their seat wanting more news updates day after day like a rare, but dramatic, tragic mass murder/ suicide.

Young Mother at Home With Children Shoots Perpetrator and Defends Family

A young mother in Georgia was home alone with her 9 year old twins when a strange man began to knock at the door. She ignored him at first because she assumed it was a salesman and she didn’t want to be bothered, but he then began repeatedly ringing the doorbell. She called her husband who, in turn, called 911. She then took her twins and a .38 revolver that she had in her house and hid in an upstairs storage room. The man then broke into the house and found their upstairs hiding place. She shot the intruder several times, hitting him in the face and neck and told him to stay down or she would continue to shoot, but he got up and left the home, actually getting into his car and driving away. He wrecked his car a short time later and the police arrested him at that point.


A 70-year-old woman’s basketball coach was attacked in the parking lot at Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School in Detroit, MI while walking two players to their cars. The men were armed, but so was the coach.

The suspects approached the coach and the girls and one pulled out their gun. The coach quickly pulled out his gun and shot both suspects. One died and the other was taken to a local hospital. Both suspects attended the high school and one was recently expelled.

Both girls and the coach were unharmed.

The coach has a permit to carry and is cooperating with authorities. But this raises an important question to those who want more gun control. What would have happened to this 70-year-old man and two young females if he did not have his gun? Armed citizens save lives. Because of his gun the coach and two girls are still alive.


A Mass Shooting Stopped By A Man With A Concealed Carry Gun

A mass shooting incident occurred in a Mall in Happy Valley, Oregon on December 11, 2012. It didn’t get much publicity, but the details were interesting. The gunman began firing in the mall, firing as many as 60 shots, killing two people and seriously wounding a third person. Then he became aware of a second armed man, a citizen with a concealed carry permit, who was aiming his handgun at the perpetrator. He was unable to get a clear shot due to innocent people behind the gunman, so he did not fire his weapon, but when the perpetrator saw that someone else also had a gun, he quit firing at others and, instead, shot himself.


A California Homeowner Defends Family and Guests Against Armed Gunmen During His Child’s Sleepover

In a residential neighborhood in Sacramento, California recently a homeowner managed to successfully defend his home, and the several children therein, against multiple armed invaders. He killed one and wounded the others to protect the children who were having a sleepover in his home. the homeowner was also injured in the gun battle, but, thankfully, he recovered from his injuries.


A Mother Alone with Her Child Confronts Home Invader and Fires Deterring Robbery or Worse

In Santa Paula, California a mother, home alone with her child, was awakened at 1:30 am by a growling dog. She had access to her handgun and confronted one intruder in her hallway. He challenged her and she fired her weapon, but missed. Then both the burglar inside of the home, and his accomplice outside of the home fled. No one was injured in the incident.


A Sr Citizen with a Concealed Carry Permit Calmly Shoots Armed Robbers at an Internet Cafe

A 63 year old man at an internet cafe in Florida interrupted an armed robbery by promptly pulling his concealed carry pistol and shooting the two robbers. They fled, but were both found later at a local hospital with bullet wounds.


These are just a few of the many incidents of protection of property and family by gun owners that are usually passed up by the media in lieu of more sensational news items. I feel that it is important to remember that any tool that can be used for good should not be taken away from conscientious citizens due to the evil acts of a few deranged sociopaths.

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