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Police state madness – more and more children being arrested for trivial things – who among us didn’t do one of these as a kid?

prisons for profit create demand for prisoners

These are the types of stories that you usually only hear on local news channels. However, my opinion is that they are more important than many national stories being pushed right now. The police state in this country is growing out of control and any incident like any of these is bound to make it’s mark on a child, not for a day or a week, but for life.

If our children are really our most precious commodity, then lets demand that our society deal with them fairly and equitably instead of teaching them intimidation and how to fear and conform. I have covered incidents like these before… a child suspended for eating his pop tart into the shape of a gun, a girl expelled and charged as an adult with a felony for a science experiment gone wrong, and other incidents that criminalize children and society for normal behavior that is not wildly abnormal or done with criminal intent.

I believe it is preparing children for the future where for profit prisons will create a demand for as many prisoners as possible to suck as much government money out of the federal government system as possible. This future becomes more likely for any child who’s self esteem and sense of self worth is destroyed while they are young.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children – Police state madness – more and more children being arrested for trivial things – things we all got up to as kids:

#1 At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume.

#2 A 13-year-old student at a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.

#3 Another student down in Albuquerque was forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched because he had $200 in his pocket. The student was never formally charged with doing anything wrong.

#4 A security guard at one school in California broke the arm of a 16-year-old girl because she left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning up some cake that she had spilled.

#5 One teenage couple down in Houston poured milk on each other during a squabble while they were breaking up. Instead of being sent to see the principal, they were arrested and sent to court.

#6 In early 2010, a 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was arrested by police and marched out of her school in handcuffs just because she doodled on her desk. “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was what she reportedly scribbled on her desk.

#7 A 6-year-old girl down in Florida was handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

#8 One student down in Texas was reportedly arrested by police for throwing paper airplanes in class.

#9 A 17-year-old honor student in North Carolina named Ashley Smithwick accidentally took her father’s lunch with her to school. It contained a small paring knife which he would use to slice up apples. So what happened to this standout student when the school discovered this? The school suspended her for the rest of the year and the police charged her with a misdemeanor.

#10 In Allentown, Pennsylvania a 14-year-old girl was tasered in the groin area by a school security officer even though she had put up her hands in the air to surrender.

#11 Down in Florida, an 11-year-old student was arrested, thrown in jail and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school.

#12 Back in 2009, an 8-year-old boy in Massachusetts was sent home from school and was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation because he drew a picture of Jesus on the cross.

#13 A police officer in San Mateo, California blasted a 7-year-old special education student in the face with pepper spray because he would not quit climbing on the furniture.

#14 In America today, even 5-year-old children are treated brutally by police. The following is from a recent article that described what happened to one very young student in Stockton, California a while back….

“Earlier this year, a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old”.

#15 At one school in Connecticut, a 17-year-old boy was thrown to the floor and tasered five times because he was yelling at a cafeteria worker.

#16 A teenager in suburban Dallas was forced to take on a part-time job after being ticketed for using foul language in one high school classroom. The original ticket was for $340, but additional fees have raised the total bill to $637.

#17 A few months ago, police were called out when a little girl kissed a little boy during a physical education class at an elementary school down in Florida.

#18 A 6-year-old boy was recently charged with sexual battery for some “inappropriate touching” during a game of tag at one elementary school in the San Francisco area.

#19 In Massachusetts, police were recently sent out to collect an overdue library book from a 5-year-old girl.


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prisons for profit create demand for prisoners



Dr. Oz Viciously Attacks Organic Foods and Farmers Markets| Predictable and Lame

sick food leads to sick people

It is completely predictable, but also tragic. Millions have come to love and trust him and now he begins selling out to corporate interests. It’s not as though I didn’t expect it. I’ve seen so many celebrities go down the same woeful path.

On the other hand, maybe he’s actually being honest? I mean, there’s no real reason to think that just because corn is genetically modified to produce it’s own insecticide that causes bugs stomachs to EXPLODE, that it would also effect human health in any way. Is there? I mean really…

Where’s the logic in considering the possibility that if we put chemicals on our food as it grows that are so powerful, potent, and toxic that the people spraying it require full body suits to protect them as they spray, that it might also be bad to eat the food that had the toxic spray on it?

None. No logic. You don’t need logic. Don’t question your corporate gods. There is no reason to believe that they wouldn’t be acting in your best interest.

I’ve been reading about how commercial dairy farmers are feeding their cows old cereal and cake sprinkles instead of grass, hay and grain to save money. That shouldn’t cause any decrease in the quality of milk, though, so don’t you worry about it. Just remember that grass fed dairy cows from small farms are evil and their milk is a constant danger to all mankind.

And Monsanto is killing off the bee population at an alarming rate. If honey bees die it would mean that very little food would be pollinated or propagate, but it’s OK because who needs nature? We can produce all the grain we need in a laboratory or something, right? Reminds me of the Year 2525…

I can understand telling people, “If you can’t afford organic, then make the best choices you can without eating organic. Here are some helpful hints…” But to throw organic and just good farming practices under the buss is misleading and inappropriate.

Don’t even get me started on promoting vaccines. I mean, why in the world would it be bad to promote injecting mercury into your baby? I see no problem with that… especially when a vaccine connected with Bill Gates’ foundation apparently paralyzed tens of thousands of children injected in India.

So if you detect a tone of sarcasm in the commentary above, it’s because I think that it is ridiculously nonsensical that anyone would blindly follow the status quo when it comes to food or medicine in this country, let alone someone as educated as Dr. Oz. He knows better.

Dr. Oz Viciously Attacks Organic Foods and Farmers Markets

Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets, pushes feedlot beef, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO.

Dr. Oz has finally done it: He has sold out to Big Ag by declaring organic foods to be “elitist,” “snooty” and no better than conventional foods. The man who once urged Americans to eat organic has sold his soul to the criminally-run food giants in a mind-blowing editorial piece recently published in TIME Magazine.

Look for Dr. Oz to promote GMOs next, as cozying up to Monsanto probably won’t be too far behind. The man is already on the record pushing vaccines, talking about how good they are for “public health” while failing to mention that vaccines admittedly contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG.

He’s also the same guy who was behind the “RealAge” internet scheme that recruited people into a promotional network where they were barraged by drug-pushing ads from Big Pharma. Dr. Oz also owned a huge number of option shares in a vaccine technology company.

In his TIME Magazine editorial piece, Dr. Oz declares organic foods to be “elitist” and appropriate only for “the 1%.” This clever bit of propaganda is designed to try to align conventional foods (i.e. pesticide ridden GMO foods) with the “99%” by making them sound more populist. As if, the “People’s food” is pesticides and GMOs, you see.

Does the man have no shame? Is there any corporate poison he won’t promote to his viewers?

Oz declares organic food is “not democratic”

One third of honey bee colonies died last winter thanks monsanto“Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic,” Dr. Oz declares, as if choosing organic is somehow an affront to America. “You don’t need to eat like the 1% to eat healthily,” he says. In other words, keep sucking down more GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, and you’ll be a good little American food slave. Buying organic is anti-American, you’re being told.

Dr. Oz’s message, of course, has become indistinguishable from that of Monsanto. It’s all the same deception: You don’t need clean, non-GMO food to be healthy. Keep eating all the conventional crap that poisons you with synthetic chemicals, and you’ll be just fine! How about some GMO Corn Flakes for breakfast, even!

Dr. Oz also attacks farmers markets, because he apparently thinks buying local food is a silly waste of time. “Nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the farmer’s-market bounty and the humble brick from the freezer case,” he somehow says with a straight face. Oh really? There’s no difference between fresh, locally-grown food versus frozen, corporate-produced food trucked in from a thousand miles away? The ignorance of this guy is just flat-out stunning. Does he know nothing about where food comes from and how it is produced?

Dr. Oz: Eat more feedlot beef.

In an even more grotesque sellout to factory foods, Dr. Oz pushes feedlot beef, saying, “Nutritionally, there is not much difference between, say, grass-fed beef and the feedlot variety.”

This is just a flat-out lie, of course. There’s a huge difference nutritionally between free-range beef and feedlot beef. Feedlot beef, for starters, is raised on genetically modified corn containing BT toxin, while free-range beef has been consistently found to be higher in omega-3 fatty acids. And that doesn’t even cover the ethical and environmental differences. In promoting feedlot beef, Dr. Oz positions himself squarely against the environment while also pushing animal cruelty.

Dr Oz has chosen a side, and it’s the side of corporate biotech chemical agriculture

Above all, with this piece Dr. Oz has now clearly chosen a side in the realm of food. Betraying his own viewers and readers, he has chosen to jump in bed with Big Ag, Monsanto, chemical pesticide producers, processed food companies and feedlot cattle factories.

As is now self-evident, Dr. Oz has aligned himself AGAINST everything the organic movement stands for: Honest food, local food, free-range meat, avoidance of GMOs, avoidance of synthetic chemicals and so on. His TIME Magazine piece is an insult to all the good people in America who simply want honest food produced without cruelty or chemicals. Dr. Oz calls those people “snooty” and “elitists.”

And what does that make him? Oh, now he’s the leader of the “populist poison foods movement” that tries to convince the American masses to eat more GMO, more pesticides, more store-bought foods and more feedlot beef, chicken and pork. The food industry must love this guy! (Watch for new sponsorship contracts to fill his pockets with cash right around the corner…)

Dr. Oz makes himself irrelevant to the discussion on food

By joining forces with Monsanto, Bayer and Big Ag, Dr. Oz has now taken a position squarely against organic foods, against farmer’s markets, against free-range animals and against non-GMO.

It begs the question: Why pay any attention to Dr. Oz at all anymore? He’s just parroting the same corporate lies and deceptions we can just as easily get from the New York Times, or the USDA, or Monsanto itself. By attacking organics, Dr. Oz has just made himself irrelevant to thinking people everywhere.

He’s got nothing to say anymore, and more importantly Dr. Oz no longer has any credibility whatsoever. He’s just committed professional suicide. I can’t wait to hear what Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association has to say about Dr. Oz’s comments.

Because Oz has sold out to the GMO-producing, chemical-producing, animal cruelty feedlot sectors of the corrupt food industry, watch for the mainstream media to keep propping up Dr. Oz and attempt to make him a puppet of “authority” on all things related to food and health. Heck, why not make the guy Surgeon General and enact a law population control law that mandates the consumption of feedlot Soylent Green?

Dr. Oz’s purported audience is a sham, by the way. Natural News has a far larger audience than Dr. Oz, especially when you count the cumulative IQ points of our respective followers. While the low-IQ zombified consumers may still think Dr. Oz has something resembling credibility, all the in-the-know organic food consumers and activists are fully aware of who is on their side and who isn’t. Dr. Oz clearly isn’t. His audience exists only as a fabrication of persistent corporate promotion.

Without the corporate backing, Dr. Oz is a nobody.

Spread the word, folks: Dr. Oz is a sellout. Share this story and warn your friends.

Story photo by David Berkowitz

Official response from the Cornucopia Institute

Here’s the response from Cornucopia on the TIME Magazine “sellout” piece by Dr. Oz.

The original TIME cover story was published on 12/3/2012 and is entitled “What to Eat Now” by Dr. Mehmet Oz. It’s available at:

The full story is available to Time subscribers only. Excerpts from the article, with Cornucopia’s responses:

Dr. Oz: “Nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the farmer’s-market bounty and the humble brick from the freezer case.”

sick food leads to sick peopleCornucopia response: Dr. Oz compares conventional and organic foods throughout the article by focusing exclusively on the differences between a handful of nutrients. This is exactly what the agrochemical and conventional farming industries, and their front group, the Alliance for Food and Farming, would like the American public to focus on. Just two months ago, Dr. Oz told the viewers of his syndicated television show to buy organic vegetables to avoid pesticide residues. Now, in his copywritten Time story, the word “pesticide” or “agricultural chemical” is never mentioned.

Dr. Oz: “Dispelling these myths — that boutique foods are good, supermarket foods are suspect and you have to spend a lot to eat well — is critical to improving our nation’s health. Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic.”

Cornucopia response: What can be more democratic than consumers voting with their food dollars to support organic farmers who protect our environment and our health by eschewing harmful and polluting agrochemicals?

Even if there were no direct benefit to our families (plenty of published scientific research indicates there is), when we choose organic food we are protecting farmers and farmworkers from exposure to toxic chemicals. Many farmers, farmworkers and their children have elevated levels of certain cancers and chronic diseases.

Dr. Oz: “The rise of foodie culture over the past decade has venerated all things small-batch, local-farm and organic — all with premium price tags. But let’s be clear: you don’t need to eat like the 1% to eat healthily.”

Cornucopia response: Organic foods are not for the “1%.” Organic foods are for everybody, and are accessible and affordable to most families who prioritize their expenses. Many organic consumers forgo other “luxuries,” whether it be iPhones, vacations, new cars — all of which are advertised in the same Time magazine where Dr. Oz’s article appears — in order to be able to afford organic foods to protect their family’s health. These decisions should be applauded, not turned into a character flaw.

Dr. Oz: “After several years of research and experience, I have come to an encouraging conclusion: the American food supply is abundant, nutritionally sound, affordable and, with a few simple considerations, comparable to the most elite organic diets. Save the cash; the 99% diet can be good for you.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz’s research apparently missed the countless studies showing that organic foods are nutritionally superior, lower in pesticide residues, lower in antibiotic-resistant pathogen contamination, etc. In addition to being published in peer-reviewed journals, testing by independent sources such as Consumer Reports (Consumer Union) and government agencies such as the USDA corroborate these findings.

Dr. Oz: “I consider it a public-health service to the consumer who has to feed a family of five or the person who wants to make all the right choices and instead is alienated and dejected because the marketing of healthy foods too often blurs into elitism, with all the expense and culinary affectation that implies.”

Cornucopia response: The added expense of buying organic foods is an investment in health. In the interest of public health, Dr. Oz should have mentioned the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes and sweeteners, and other harmful inputs used in conventional farming and food production. Comparing nutrients is just one aspect of a cost-benefit analysis. Dr. Oz owes his loyal fans, who respect his judgment, a more thoughtful and nuanced analysis.

Dr. Oz: “There’s no question that free-range chickens and grass-fed, pasture-dwelling cows lead happier — if not appreciably longer — lives than animals raised on factory farms. They are also kept free of hormones and antibiotics and are less likely to carry communicable bacteria like E. coli, which are common on crowded feedlots. If these things are important to you and you have the money to spend, then by all means opt for pricier organic meats.”

Cornucopia response: Yes, Dr. Oz, avoiding hormones and antibiotics is important to us, and it should be to you, too.

However, just because a package says “free range” or “grass-fed” does not mean it is certified organic, and therefore is not certified to be produced without some of the most dangerous and objectionable drugs. Concerned consumers should go out of their way to seek out the organic seal.

Dr. Oz: “But for the most part, it’s O.K. to skip the meat boutiques and the high-end butchers. Nutritionally, there is not much difference between, say, grass-fed beef and the feedlot variety.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz’s statement is not backed by scientific data, which consistently shows lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat and higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fats and vitamins in grass-fed beef compared with feedlot beef.

Dr. Oz: “Let’s also take a moment to celebrate the tuna-salad sandwich, which is to lunch what the ’57 Chevy is to cars–basic and brilliant.”

Cornucopia response: It is unconscionable that Dr. Oz touts the nutritional benefits of canned tuna, without mentioning the FDA and EPA warnings concerning methylmercury contamination. The FDA and EPA recommend that women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children limit their consumption of canned light tuna to no more than 12 ounces per week, and their consumption of canned albacore tuna to no more than 6 ounces per week.

Dr. Oz: “Preserves and jams without added sugar can be great sources of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.”

Cornucopia response: Preserves and jams without added sugar often contain added artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which has been linked in studies to cancer and neurological damage. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are banned in organic products.

Dr. Oz: “We know more about the connection between food and health than ever before — down to the molecular level, actually. This has provided us the curious luxury of being fussy, even snooty, about what we eat, considering some foods, well, below our station. That’s silly. Food isn’t about cachet. It’s about nourishment, pleasure and the profound well-being that comes from the way meals draw us together.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz spends the entire article attempting to convince the American public that there are few, if any, differences between conventional and organic foods. Yet in his closing paragraphs he tacitly acknowledges that we “know more about … food and health than ever before – down to the molecular level.” This contradicts his earlier statements that there are no differences.

Most people who buy organic foods do so not because they are “snooty,” as Dr. Oz suggests, but because they seek to protect themselves and their families from the widely recognized harmful effects of pesticides and other agrichemicals.






Montgomery County MD | People Get Opportunity to Turn their Guns in For Nothing and a Bunch of People Did!

gun control don't ban guns they disarm law abiding citizens

Montgomery County MD asks residents to hand over their guns

Another “Successful Day” in ensuring that American citizens are one step further in being unable to defend themselves from crime or tyranny. Thank you Attorney General (of Maryland I think) Doug Gansler, for your service in dismantling our country!

Hey I have a great idea! Why don’t we plan a national “Constitution Burning Party!” We can roast hot dogs in the fire and celebrate the death of that pesky document! I know that all of us Americans will feel so much better once we know that all of those evil guns are ONLY in the hands of our government and police, because nobody else is capable of knowing how to use them properly. it will be so great to know that nobody will be allowed to say anything bad anymore, and that our children will only be learning what is approved by those who know everything so much better than we poor ignorant citizens ever could, and that nobody will be paying any mind to that ridiculous outdated concept called “God” anymore. It’s SOOOOO reassuring to know that the authorities have finally recognized that ordinary citizens are just imbeciles, and could not possibly survive one day without the supreme authority called a tyrannical human government.

When all of that finally that happens, we can be sure that nobody will ever say or do anything wrong again, because all of the weapons will then be used and possessed ONLY by those smart and superior people that are allowed to have them, and who have been trained to ONLY the right things, always. Nobody will ever insult anyone else or be mean either, because those people will be ensuring nobody says ANYTHING wrong to anyone. If they do, they will all know that they might be sent away to a FEMA camp  and never be heard from again. What a wonderful Utopian world they have planned for us! I can’t wait!!

Listen to what this very smart woman thought about those evil guns in her closet:

“The woman who brought in these two long guns, she didn’t know how much they were worth,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steve Austin, who was collecting guns at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg. “But she knew they were guns, and she wanted to get them out of her house.”

Yes, get them ALL out of here, before they decide to hurt somebody!


Full Article here:

Montgomery County asks residents to hand over their guns

Montgomery County residents handed over 111 guns, 11 BB guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition and a grenade at Saturday’s statewide gun turn-in day, according to county police spokeswoman Lucille Baur.

Among the 111 guns were 68 hand guns, 27 rifles — including at least one AK-47 — 15 shot guns and a tiny pen gun, Baur said. In addition to the guns, police also received a sword and two canisters of tear gas, which were turned in by a former D.C. police officer who told police they left over from riots in 1968.

“A successful day,” Baur said.

Organized by state Attorney General Doug Gansler in coordination with local police departments, the event included 24 stations across the state where residents could anonymously hand over their unwanted firearms and ammunition.

All of the weapons collected will be inspected to see if they have been reported stolen or can be linked to a crime before being destroyed by the police, said David Paulson, spokesman for Gansler.

gun control don't ban guns they disarm law abiding citizensMontgomery County will also make a donation to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center for every gun it received, according to Baur.

But unlike recent gun buyback events in Howard County in March and in Prince George’s County and Baltimore in December, officials offered no financial incentives for people to hand over their weapons.

Montgomery County has not offered cash or giftcards for a weapon in recent memory. Even at the last turn-in event more than 20 years ago, no financial incentives were offered.

“Incentives can frequently capture people’s attention, and while the money isn’t overwhelmingly — as it’s traditionally done — overwhelmingly the biggest factor, our emphasis was to give people an opportunity to voluntarily and safely turn over their weapons,” Paulson said.

Individual motivations for turning over the weapons included desires to keep guns out of the hands of young children and fears that a home burglary could cause a gun to end up in the wrong hands, officials described.

Germantown resident Blaine Clarke turned in a BB gun, some hunting ammunition that is no longer legal to use and an old “Saturday night special” .38 caliber revolver that belonged to his dad and he said is probably not registered.

“I’ve had that forever in the closet,” he said of the revolver. “Just time to get rid of stuff.

Others offered similar reasons for turning over their weapons, and many didn’t know much about the guns they were handing in.

“The woman who brought in these two long guns, she didn’t know how much they were worth,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steve Austin, who was collecting guns at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg. “But she knew they were guns, and she wanted to get them out of her house.”

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