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WARNING: Students Who Force 3rd Grade Boys To Perform Oral Sex On Them Might Be Suspended for 10 Days!!!

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So forcible oral rape of a 3rd grade boy in school isn’t a reason for criminal charges like forgetting and leaving your legally owned gun in the car after using it for target practice or exploding a pop bottle on school grounds when trying a science experiment.

Nope. Forcible oral rape of a minor in a public school gets you 10 days suspension… only a few days longer than the kid who accidentally ate his pop tart into the shape of a gun.

Meanwhile people who homeschool their children so that they don’t have to put up with all of the insanity are persecuted and considered terrorists by the government.

Makes total sense :/

Third Grade Boy Forced to Perform Oral Sex On Other Students

By Matt Liponoga | June 1, 2013 – 9:42 pm | News



We all know that school systems are becoming worse and worse. From the unwarranted suspensions we’ve all heard of, to the fact that our testing scores hasn’t improved in 40 years. So this story doesn’t come as much of a surprise but I would recommend looking into alternatives if you haven’t already.

The 8-year-old boy was waiting in the hall after lunch, ready to attend his next class. Without warning, a fifth-grader and two third-graders grabbed the boy and, as he screamed futilely for help, dragged him into a bathroom stall. Once there, they pinned his arms behind his back, forced him to his knees, pulled down their pants, and demanded that he perform oral sex on him.

After what happened, the little boy was left in the bathroom and then went to his teacher to report what had happened. The teacher notified the principal who called the mother of the young boy and said, ““I don’t know how to explain this to you, but your son was in the bathroom and was forced to perform oral sex on three boys.”

This was not the first time that the fifth-grader had sexually assaulted someone. During the 2009-2010 school year, he touched a third-grade girl under her skirt. Charyn Koppelson, who was principal then, did nothing to discipline the boy.

After this incident the fifth grader was suspended for 10 days and the two others involved were given a 5 day suspension. It probably sounds like a vacation to these kids after such a heinous act.

Since the incident happened, the mother has filed a $6 million lawsuit against the State of New York’s Education System. She says, “He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. My son was a very joyful, loving little boy, and the next few weeks after that he would just sit down and stare at the wall. He never stepped foot inside that school ever again.”

We wish the family the best of luck both in the lawsuit and the recovery of the young boy. This should have never happened, and it is time we stop turning our children over to the state and pretending like they will be taken care of.


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