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Biden Calls On Churches To Tell Flock That More Gun Control Is Moral

Biden admits that gun control won't save lives

Yes, separation of church and state is soooo imperative to the freeness of this free country that anyone in the military who mentions religion should be court martialed because they are traitors and spiritual rapists. Yes, anyone should be able to sue a school district and win if they display the ten commandments on the wall…

BUT if it’s convenient for the vice president to tell pastors and nuns and rabbis to peddle gun control to their subordinates, well, then that’s absolutely fine. After all, that’s a perfectly normal governmental thing to do, right? Shouldn’t the president and vice president be manipulating clergy to meet their own ends? Of course they should… And YOUR the one with a problem if you think it’s weird.


Biden Calls On Churches To Tell Flock That More Gun Control Is Moral

Vice President Joe Biden has a commandment for pastors, rabbis and nuns: He wants them to tell their flocks that enacting gun control is the moral thing to do. You know how the liberals always push for separation of church and state? That is until it meets their needs.

Biden met for two-and-a-half hours Monday with more than a dozen leaders from various faith communities – Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh, to name a few. Both Biden and the faith leaders encouraged each other not to give up on what has been an arduous and thus far fruitless effort by Biden and President Barack Obama to pass new gun laws in the wake of December’s schoolhouse shooting in Connecticut.

Around a large, circular table in a conference room on the White House grounds, Biden waxed optimistic about prospects for passing a bill, according to four participants who spoke to The Associated Press after the meeting.

Although momentum on gun control stalled in the Senate last month, Biden has insisted the issue is very much alive, and has been meeting regularly with gun violence victims and law enforcement to build support for a second go at legislation to expand background checks, improve mental health care and take other steps to reduce gun violence.

Lingering concerns from some participants illustrated the ongoing challenge the administration faces in winning support for the proposals, even though Biden and Obama regularly tout polls suggesting they enjoy broad support. Some participants raised questions about whether background checks could lead to a national gun registry or whether mental health provisions would be used to create a list of individuals permanently banned from obtaining guns.

Citing what he described as misinformation from the National Rifle Association and others, Biden said the renewed push for gun control must correct misconceptions about what the proposals do and don’t do, participants said. He asked clergy to keep up the pressure and to reframe the debate for their followers in moral terms.




The Letter To Obama From a Young Woman That is Causing a Stir On Gun Control

gun control and drone strikes

Young woman writes open letter to President Obama and calls him on gun control legislation lies.

As many have noted, his actions and his words are generally juxtaposed, however, fewer people would notice if it weren’t causing such constant and ongoing problems for American citizens.

President Obama’s to do list: 


Gosh, no wonder he’s so busy!


Well, Katie Kieffer, decided to write him a letter about at least part of his agenda. She is a young political columnist and commentator who decided that many of President Obama’s lies needed to be pointed out. Here’s her letter:


Dear Mr. Obama:

Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in a gun family. Hunting is part of my family’s culture. I was surrounded by Guns and Ammo, Pheasants Forever, blaze orange and camo growing up. At Thanksgiving, the first round of appetizers is always something wild—bison, elk or venison—whatever my father, brother or uncle’s latest trophy happens to be.

I sort of thought it was cool that my father occasionally painted his face before a hunt and wore a “cologne” called “fox urine masking scent.” I thought he looked equally nice in a suit and tie as in camouflage. As a little girl, I would watch my father clean and safely stow his firearms and ammunition. And, I understood that his guns and compound bow were not toys.

Growing up with mostly male cousins, I played “war” and “cops and robbers” all the time. Yes, we pretended to shoot each other with plastic toy guns. We were having fun. Aside from grass stains or scraped knees from running too fast, no one ever got hurt. Today, we are all responsible young adults.

Mr. President, today, you are indoctrinating young children to be afraid of guns. Your public school system is teaching 5-year-old children that if they so much as build a toy gun out of Legos, they could face a two-week suspension. This concerns me very much.

gun control and drone strikesI know first-hand that growing up in a “culture of guns” does not turn young people into criminals. A culture of depression, anger and abusive families can. When children are loved, they usually learn to show love. My family, thankfully, showed me love.

What I do not understand is why you seem to want to disarm gun-owners like my father–and take away that feeling of comfort and safety that I experienced growing up. Why do you want to take the guns away from honest families like mine and leave us entirely vulnerable to criminals? Why can’t you just leave us to defend ourselves instead of forcing us to wait 20 minutes for a cop to show up?

Maybe it’s hard to for you to understand since you’ve spent so much time lounging around the White House, but living in middle America and spending time in the great outdoors requires hard work, self-sufficiency and the ability to rapidly defend oneself.

Bottom line: I’m not afraid of guns or gun owners. I feel SAFER around people who own and use guns. I believe that my first piece of private property is my OWN BODY and that I have NATURAL, CONSTITUTIONAL and GOD-GIVEN rights to defend it.

Obama Lie #1:

“90 percent of Americans” support the Manchin-Toomey bill for extended background checks.

False. According to the latest Gallup Poll, just 4 percent of Americans think that guns/gun control is the most important issue facing our country. That means 96 percent of Americans are NOT worried about this issue and would not support increased gun control, especially if they knew the truth about background checks. Dr. John Lott has shown that: “There is no real scientific evidence among criminologists and economists that background checks actually reduce crime.”

Obama Lie #2:

2nd Amendment supporters “willfully lied” about the Manchin-Toomey bill.

Gun owners did not lie. You lied and so did the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V). He recently admitted on CBS “Meet the Press” that Newtown parents have told him: “We know the bill you are working on right now would not have prevented what happened to our babies.” You told us that this bill would help protect children from a repeat of the horrific Newtown tragedy. But there is no hard data showing that expanded background checks will protect children from insane people. “Gun-Free Zone” signs essentially attract mentally ill criminals. We don’t need more laws or signs.

Obama Lie #3:

At a fundraiser on April 3, Obama said that Adam Lanza used a “fully automatic weapon” at Newtown.

I know you’re a pro skeet-shooter, Mr. President. But you know VIRTUALLY NOTHING about guns and are ARBITRARILY targeting specific guns for political advantage.

Obama, if you don’t know the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully-automatic firearm, then you are in NO position to tell other people what sort of firearm they may purchase. A fully-automatic weapon, just to refresh your kingly cranium is: one where you can pull the trigger and hold it back and it will automatically continue to fire rounds until you release the trigger. With a semi-automatic, you need to pull the trigger back each time you fire a round. Got that?

Your buddy, Sen. Diane Feinstein has been unfairly targeting AR-15s and other semi-automatic weapons for quite some time. But she does not seem to know what an AR-15 even is. Her amendment to ban so-called “assault” weapons failed by 20 votes yesterday. Good thing.

According to FBI records, a hammer or a fist is more likely to be used as an “assault” weapon than any kind of rifle. Also, semi-automatic rifles have only been used in about 14 percent of all mass shootings going back to the 1980′s.

An AR-15 or a semi-automatic rifle is not more dangerous than a handgun. That is entirely arbitrary and based on the situation. An AR-15 has a longer barrel, which means it can shoot farther, more accurately, long-range. But it is also big, meaning that you can’t conceal it as easily. A handgun could be much “deadlier” in the sense that it is easy to conceal.

Obama’s Lies to Women

AS A YOUNG WOMAN, I believe that I have a natural right to protect myself with whatever tool I feel most comfortable and proficient using if I am attacked. I find it highly offensive that liberals like you tell me that I should be reduced to holding off a rapist by urinating or puking. What a sexist thing to suggest.

Obama, you send the false message that gun control and extended background checks will protect women. Gun control legislation that has never been proven to save lives. The ONLY gun legislation that has consistently been proven to SAVE lives is concealed-carry permit legislation.

States that passed concealed-carry legislation reduced murder by 8.5 percent, rape by 5 percent and robbery by 3 percent. Mr. President: Do you accept ANY responsibility for the fact that your gun control efforts may effectively encourage 8.5 out of every 100 murders, 5 out of ever 100 rapes and 3 out of every 100 robberies?

If a young woman like myself has a stalking boyfriend or ex-spouse, delays in the gun-buying process merely hold me back from defending myself. Criminals will always find speedy methods of obtaining guns.

You and your snobbish friends like Ms. Feinstein do not understand guns, Mr. President. All you want to do is seize guns from the people MOST qualified to use guns, namely VETERANS, and deny gun protection to the more vulnerable members of society, like women.

All the best,

Katie Kieffer




State Senator Stacey Campfield to Piers Morgan: Now That Gun Control Failed When Are You Moving Back to England?

Piers Morgan for someone who hasnt got a brain he does a lot of talking

You’ve got to give Piers Morgan credit for one thing: Try to point out any facts that he doesn’t want to hear, he can brush right past them and keep on talking as though he actually has a point.

He manages to act arrogant and condescending even though he was the guy who got FIRED from a BRITISH TABLOID for falsifying news. Somehow, though, he manages to take himself seriously enough to overcome the fact that no one else can. How does a discredited foreign reporter get a job at CNN? Oh, I forgot… CNN doesn’t need anyone to report real news, just people who will say whatever the government wants said.

Noel Sheppard brings us the following news article, oozing with hypocrisy and condescension from Morgan:

State Senator to Piers Morgan: Now That Gun Control Failed When Are You Moving Back to England?

CNN’s Piers Morgan had a fiery debate with controversial State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday.

At one point, Campfield said, “Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England. Because everyone in Tennessee is dying to know” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield is standing firm, refusing to apologize for a joke he made about assault pressure cookers that clearly mocked the push for more gun control in America. He’s been criticized for making the joke so soon after the Boston bombings. And State Senator Stacy Campfield joins me now.

Mr. Campfield, what was this all about? Why did you do this?

STACEY CAMPFIELD, TENNESSEE STATE SENATOR: Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, how they push for gun control ten seconds after Sandy Hook shooting. And yet when something else happens, they refuse to say that hey, it’s not an inanimate object; it’s actually the person. So when people go on and say, we have to get rid of guns, we got to push for gun control, it’s just ridiculous. It’s like pushing for pressure cooker control after the explosion.

MORGAN: What other things can you do with a pressure cooker other than kill people?

CAMPFIELD: You can cook food.

MORGAN: Right. What other things can you do with a gun other than shoot things?

CAMPFIELD: Other than shooting. I guess you can use it as a walking stick. You can hunt with it. You can go target practice. You can do all sorts of things.

MORGAN: You use a gun as a walking stick, do you?

CAMPFIELD: I guess theoretically you could. You could use it as a hammer if you really wanted to. But what’s that have to do with anything? We’re talking about an inanimate object that does nothing by itself. It does absolutely nothing by itself, just like a pressure cooker does absolutely nothing by itself. Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England. Because everyone in Tennessee is dying to know.

MORGAN: I’m going to hang around and just see if people can’t grow enough courage in this country to face the reality of your gun violence problem.

For those that missed it, Campfield on Sunday posted a picture of a pressure cooker at his blog with various captions relating to assault weapons. It was titled “Here Comes Feinstein Again.”

He took a lot of heat about it in the media and posted a follow-up saying:

If my post was inappropriate talking about “crock pot control” then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im [sic] sorry if I exposed your double standard….

Well, not really.

Let’s be clear, Campfield has been a controversial State Senator for years, and I in no way endorse his actions.

However, it’s indicative of the current strategy at the so-called most trusted name in news to do outrageous things or bring on controversial guests in order to drive ratings.

As NewsBusters previously reported, CNN on Sunday featured chef Anthony Bourdain saying numerous expletives during primetime. Some speculated that this was all a ratings ploy.

So too it seems is bringing on controversial elected officials virtually no one has heard of – typically Republican of course! – for Morgan to spar with and ridicule rather than have a reasoned discussion about important issues of the day.

If that’s what CNN thinks people want to see, only time will tell if they’re right.

On the other hand, despite Campfield’s oddities, it was indeed a pleasure seeing someone ask Morgan to his face when he’s going to move back to England.

About the Author:

Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters. Click here to follow Noel Sheppard on Twitter.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/04/25/state-senator-piers-morgan-now-gun-control-failed-are-you-moving-back#ixzz2RavWJ9gZ


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