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Spy Back: How to View Your NSA or FBI File | Government Spyback Program

Terror "Drills" Gone Live

Interesting information: the Freedom of Information Act apparently applies to everyone who wants information on anything the government has information on.



Spy Back: How to View Your NSA or FBI File

By Gordon Rupe Story Leak June 14, 2013

Do you know what FOIA is? No? Don’t be alarmed, most Americans don’t. It is better known as the Freedom of Information Act (introduced by Sen. Edward V. Long in 1965 and signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966), and is most often used by Americans looking for answers into the deep mysteries of government activity. There is something else you should know, however: Freedom of Information Act requests aren’t just for those who are seeking information on black ops activities.

You can use it yourself to discover what organizations like the National Security Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation have on your file. Amazingly, FIOA can be used by you to get whatever files that the NSA or FBI or any other three letter agency has on you. And with the latest round of leaks covered by Anthony Gucciardi detailing how the NSA is tracking your activity through just about all of the major social websites, this is big news.

Perhaps you are politically active and have gone to a few protests and were arrested, or maybe you post a lot of political articles on your favorite social networking site.

Grabbing Your File

There are two ways you can get your file. Your first option is to get it straight from the source. For the NSA file, you can go to the FOIA request form. Or for the FBI, you can go to their official request form as well. Or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable going through that process and would rather use another party, in which case you can utilize the website Get My FBI File. This website provides the forms for most agencies, CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc.

Since the conception of FOIA in 1966, it has been amended eleven times. Most notably by President Gerald Ford in 1974. At first, President Ford was for bolstering various privacy-related amendments, however he then performed a complete 180 on the issue (after being persuaded by his Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfield, and Deputy Richard Cheney), signing a Presidential veto that was eventually overturned by Congress. This was only one of twelve vetoes that were overturned by congress in regards to President Ford.




Police Raid Wrong Home – Shoot Army Vets Dog | “Oops. My bad.”

Another day, another… wrong door raid where police shoot an unarmed man’s tied- up dog and then walk away like nothing happened pending “investigation”.

Nothing generally comes of these investigations. Often officers are put on administrative leave while they are investigated for a couple of months and then put back to work. This seriously happens about every month in the United States. You may not have any family affected by it yet, but as it keeps happening more and more frequently, you probably will.

If it were only pets, it wouldn’t be QUITE as traumatic and terrifying, but sometimes people are wrongly shot and killed during these raids that make us SOOO much safer. It is obvious that the frequency in which wrong door raids end up killing innocent people indicates that these raids should be illegal to begin with. Is there any justification for “law enforcement” to barge into a home, especially at night, where no violent or imminently threatening crime is taking place?

With places like New York making it a crime to “annoy” police, I am sure that we will be hearing more witness testimony that the police couldn’t avoid shooting someone because they were being antagonistic…

Americans need to rise up and put a stop to the abuse that is blatantly going on all around them every day before it is literally too late.


Police Raid Wrong Home – Shoot Army Vets Dog | “Oops. My bad.”

BUFFALO, NY — Adam Arroyo returned home from work to find his door busted down, and his apartment in shambles, riddled with bullet holes, and stained with blood. The government had paid him a visit while he was away.

Police were performing one of the many, many home raids that occur annually in the tyrannical Drug War.

Arroyo’s dog, Cindy, had been killed by police. But police raided the wrong home.

“She’s over here, chained up, and look at all these bullet holes man. Look at the blood right here,” Arroyo explained. “She was tied up in the kitchen like I tie her up every single day, and they shot her for no reason.”

“For police to wrongfully come into my house and murder my dog… It wasn’t that they felt threatened. No. They murdered my dog,” said Arroyo, beginning to tear up.

“That was my dog, man. That was my dog. They didn’t have to do that, you know. They didn’t have to do that.”

Arroyo now has to pay to have Cindy cremated. He also had to repair his door at his own cost and has had to miss work.



Ex Obama Secret Service Exposes Gun Control Agenda | Dan Bongino

canadian government destroys rare heritage breed sheep and womans livelihood not paying attention

I recently spoke with former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, whoactually left his career to inform the public on the reality behind the gun control debate and campaign for office.

By Anthony Gucciardi
Story Leak
June 2, 2013

You may know Bongino from his inspiring speech on the subject of how gun control is really not centered around the control of guns, but in fact the control of the individuals who own and carry them. Quite simply, ‘gun control’ is really about people control. A reality that very few talking heads within the gun debate who push for gun control truly understand (or are willing to admit).

Sociopathic control freaks inside government, many of which Bongino is certainly familiar with working deep within Secret Service for Obama, are simply utilizing gun control legislation and regulation to exercise yet more control over the individual with the ultimate goal of eroding the very checks and balances provided by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights at large. But why?

Well, without the rights legally granted by the Constitution, which are actually being illegally bypassed through legislation like the Patriot Act and the NDAA(two pieces of legislation that Obama has signed off on despite voicing opposition to Bush-era creations like the Patriot Act), then bloated government can do virtually anything it pleases. And those at the top of this bloated government system would ultimately stand to gain. We see this throughout history as certain forms of ‘equal’ government are pushed by those at the top who in fact hog the resources for themselves under the guise of government duty and use phony patriotism (or worse) to silence the opposition.

Second Amendment’s Demise Signifies Constitution Collapse

Today, legislation is being written that ignores the Constitution. From gun control and spy bills to internet censorship and tax hikes that fund the mega bankers, we are seeing the Constitution thrown into the fire over and over. But if we truly lose the Second Amendment through a major gun ban, or perhaps the Supreme Court decides it is ‘outdated’, then we are trulysetting ourselves up to lose the entire Bill of Rights at large. And until we understand this, the ‘gun debate’ will rage on.

Like Dan, I was never really into firearms until I realized the importance of the Second Amendment when it comes to our rights granted by God and the Constitution. At the end of the day, it’s not really even about the firearm to a large extent.


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