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10 Things You Should Know When Dealing With Police

Now, the Daily Unconstitutional has been known to show and link to footage of police and other such highly esteemed authority figured blatantly abusing their authority, and there’s little many people can do about it, while it happens.

My name is Jesse Lee and I’m going to be introducing you to The Ten Rules You Should Know When Dealing With Police.

Now, There are several major things that will be covered here, one and one of the two most important is that you have the RIGHT to decline searches. The other important thing is that when in doubt just shut up.

Say it with me (and loud and clear); “I do not consent to any searches officer.”

10 rules you should know during a police encounter

Once you’ve seen this video (you can get other by clicking on the picture above)  You may find yourself better prepared to stand up for yourself against the tyrannical whims of the government.

Don’t be sheeple. You’ll only be led to slaughter.

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