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TSA Gets Rid of Full-body Scanners at US Airports

TSA scanners

TSA gets rid of full-body scanners at US airports thanks to activism.

Published May 31, 2013


WASHINGTON –  The full-body scanners that caused an uproar for taking semi-scandalous snapshots of fliers at security checkpoints have been removed from America’s airports.

The move comes after a congressional mandate and several complaints lodged by privacy-rights activists who likened the scanners to a virtual strip search.

Instead, airports will now use scanners that only show generic images of bodies, according to a letter released Thursday from TSA officials to members of the House Homeland Security Committee.

“As of May 16, 2013, all AIT units deployed by TSA are equipped with (the body-masking) capability. Additionally, TSA’s procurement of next generation AIT requires” the same body-obscuring capability, TSA Administrator John Pistole wrote in the letter, according to The Hill.

The scanners were first rolled out in 2007 and most had been pulled by May 16.

The TSA told a congressional committee last year that the agency had spent $40 million on the Rapiscan machines and another $100 million on the less invasive model.

The government had bought about 800 machines which were in use at 200 U.S. airports.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/31/tsa-gets-rid-full-body-image-scanners-at-us-airports/#ixzz2V0pJE800


TSA gets rid of full-body scanners at US airports  Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/31/tsa-gets-rid-full-body-image-scanners-at-us-airports/#ixzz2V0oBy6m4


The TSA Is Doing More Harm Than Good to Our Budget, Debt, Health and Dignity


tsa-2000I think many people, who haven’t felt a reason to consider the nature of liberty previously, might still be thinking that the government regulations that have been coming down the pipe from Washington, to state to local governments over the past few years actually have a good and useful purpose for the citizens. But, an objective look at the evidence shows that these safety measures are simply not serving their purpose and should never have been initiated because they are an infringement on citizens liberty.

They have groped and humiliated citizens in the millions, terrorized young children in wheelchairs, radiated all of us, and for what? To try to possibly find that one in a million terrorist with frequent flyer miles. The plan has backfired. TSA agents are experiencing higher than normal cancer rates due to the heavy radiation from the scanners they have to work near.

The TSA’s budget was $8.1 billion in 2012. I would rather take my chances with a (perceived) terrorist threat than to deal with the TSA. Often their agents are condescending and act as though I am annoying them. Yes, just because I book a flight and stand humbly in line with my shoes in my hand, toting a carry-on toward the radioactive monstrosity before me, without saying anything or protesting in any way, *I* am apparently a problem for them.

More recently, though, the TSA has been setting up random checkpoints on highways near cities across the US – and for some reason, it hasn’t even made mainstream news! Are we seriously that complacent? We, as a nation, have become alright with government checkpoints to prove we are citizens and legal and OK and good enough to travel down our own roads? Isn’t that what the Nazi’s did to enforce their unethical and inhumane laws?

Oh well, that seems fair. Doesn’t it? Shouldn’t they have all rights to radiate me, give me orders, consider me a potential criminal and heard me through a line like a sheep? Why would I need rights? Why should I have options or choices?

TSA is doing more harm than good

I realize there is a legitimate argument that the TSA “might” be preventing a terrorist attack that “might” otherwise occur. Even so, I do think the function of the TSA could be handled in a much less invasive, more professional, less demeaning way and at a much lower cost.

TSA is doing more harm than good


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