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18 Year Old Looking at 20 Years for Anti-Government Lyrics On Facebook

cameron prison 20 years for anti government lyrics on facebook

A teenager from a small town outside Boston has been held without bail for weeks. He faces terrorism charges and 20 years in prison for posting rap lyrics on the internet.

On May 1st, Cameron D’Ambrosio was skipping school when he posted some lyrics that included a vague reference to the Boston Marathon Bombing and called the Whitehouse a “federal house of horror.” Shortly after that he was arrested and charged with Communicating a Terrorist Threat, a felony that carries 20 years in prison.

Here are the lyrics to the song that Cameron posted:

“I’m not in reality, So when u see me (expletive) go insane and make the news, the paper, and the (expletive) federal house of horror known as the white house, Don’t (expletive) cry or be worried because all YOU people (expletive) caused this (expletive).

(Expletive) a boston bominb wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!”

A search of Cam’s house found NO evidence that he was planning any violence, but a judge still ordered him held without bail for the next 3 months, pending trial.

It’s not a surprise that the judge in the case felt pressure to come down hard on Cam, since the local media has been quick to sensationalize the story and demonize a harmless teenager.

Before charges were even formally filed, local newspapers were already posting pictures from Cam’s facebook and pointing to “disturbing” posts like “Fuck politics. Fuck Obama. Fuck the government!” All of this is free speech that is 100% protected by the 1st Amendment.

The media printed:

“(Expletive) a boston boming wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous”

The actual line is:

“(Expletive) a boston bominb wait till u see the (expletive) I do, I’ma be famous rapping”

Notice something? The context completely changes the meaning of the line. Suddenly something that sounds like a threat of violence is clearly just bragging about how good Cammy Dee is going to be.

Massachusetts Law is pretty clear about what constitutes a “terroristic threat”. The statement has to claim that there is a weapon or a bomb, and/or threaten a specific place or location with the intent of causing disruption. Cam comparing his rap aspirations with the amount of media coverage tragedy in Boston got doesn’t even come close.

Fight For the Future currently has a petition set up to release Cameron.


US vs. the Duval Family Farm | You Don’t Have To Be Doing Anything Illegal to Have Your Property Seized

duval vs united states forfiture farm seized

The federal government is run by idiots at this point. It’s no wonder our country is broke. Why don’t we just persecute everyone in the entire world for everything even if there’s no real evidence that it’s causing a problem?

Then let’s make laws that whoever the government says is wrong is wrong no matter what and the government gets to take all their stuff? Great plan!


US vs. the Duval Family Farm

On June 14, 2013, in Drug War, by Kari Boiter

1Located in rural Petersburg, Michigan – about 70 miles southwest of Detroit – the Duval farm has been in the family for generations. The property is being seized by the federal government through civil forfeiture proceedings because of the state-registered medical marijuana greenhouses that were kept on the land. Jeremy and Jerry Duval were convicted at trial and sentenced to five and ten years in prison, respectively. Apparently unsatisfied with robbing a father and son of their freedom, the government has decided to go after the family farm. Jerry Duval Sr. and his wife, Sharon, purchased the 12-acre parcel of land in the 60’s and spent most of their adult lives paying off the deed in $100 per month increments. The property was split into two pieces with Sharon and Jerry Sr. occupying a four-acre portion and Jerry Jr. and his wife, Tracey, living on the other eight acres. The family also owned a 15-acre property that Jeremy called home and an 80-acre parcel that was used strictly for farming.

3When heavily armed federal agents stormed Jerry’s farm, they sent a message to Sharon as well. Threatening to shoot the grandmother in her 70’s if she didn’t stand aside, the machine gun toting militia made a quick and dirty exit by driving their tanks through her gated property next door. Sharon’s dream of retiring on the farm has become a living nightmare. Despite being prescribed anxiety medication to deal with the persistent panic attacks, she made the tough decision to sell the farm and move out of state. The 100-acre portion that her grandchildren were supposed to inherit was also put up for sale to pay off the mounting legal debt. Jerry’s 8-acre farm is all that is left of the property that three generations worked their whole lives to pay for and it’s on track to be handed over to the government this summer.

4Jerry’s wife, Tracey, has moved to a small 1,000 square foot home in a nearby town, in preparation for the forfeiture. In addition to sending her husband to prison for ten years and her stepson’s five-year sentence, the government has displaced this loving mother from the home she has built over the last two decades.

5Enough is enough! It’s time to take back our communities and reform the forfeiture laws that allow generations of hard work to turn to dust.



Pastor Going to Jail for 60 Days for Holding Services In His Home – Another Spectacular Display of Government Waste

pastor jailed for 60 days for having worship services in his home

Pastor Going to Jail for 60 Days for Holding Services In His Home – Another Spectacular Display of Government Waste

A preacher is now in jail after he was charged with holding worship meetings in his home.  The pastor is going to jail for 60 days in a case that has outraged Christians around the world.

“I have spent time with my family this morning praying, crying and saying our goodbye. My heart is broken, but glory to God,” Michael Salman wrote on his Facebook page. “Our God wil take care of us and my family. Please pray for us! Until God opens the prison’s door, I will be with you all in prayer and spirit.”

Salman and his wife Suzanne spoke with the Christian News Network before he reported to jail.  He is going to be serving his sentence at the Maricopa County Jail.

“Last time it was hard, and we know it will be hard again — being a single mom with six kids,” said Suzanne. “[But], no matter what happens, and no matter what comes, we have to stand for His word.”

The pastor’s 11-year old daughter begged the mayor to help her father get out of jail.  She says that he’s not a criminal and should be free to be with his family.

“Mayor Stanton, please free my dad Michael Salman. I do not want to lose my dad,” she said. “Mayor, if you would have been there when he left [last time], you would have cried too. We were all so torn by what they did to him. I am so scared and to not be able to see my dad for 2 months will be very hard on me and my family. My other 5 sisters were very torn too, even the baby was crying. My mom was the most torn of all.”

Salman was arrested for holding worship services on his property without having the proper commercial codes.   But he says that his services are not open to the public.  The couple put up a youtube video giving a tour of their property and laying out their case in detail.

While the family was holding services in their living room that they would have to convert their home into a church.

“…Bible studies are not allowed to be conducted in your residence. The simple and direct answer [as to why] is that the Bible study use requires a change of occupancy.”

The couple then built a 2,000 square foot game room behind the house, where they held gatherings that they claim were for private recreation. But once neighbors started to suspect the family of holding worship services, they asked police to raid the property.  That’s when charges were pressed against Salman, who was being punished for, among other things, not having handicapped parking at his home or handicapped bathrooms.

“If enough people don’t stand up now, it’s going to be so big and so out of control that no one is going to be able to stop it,” Suzanne Salman stated.

“If I go to jail, I’m ready to preach the Gospel there,” Michael Salman said.

“I know that God will use him,” Suzanne added. “People will come to Christ in jail.”


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