The “Presidential Kill List”

The president has an approved “presidential kill list” with  listed terror suspects living both in the United States and abroad regardless of US citizenship and regardless of collateral damage who are to be killed on-site without any due process or judicial process regardless of US citizenship and regardless of collateral damage.

Is it legal and should it be legal for the president to list targets for assassination when they are US citizens and far outside of any war zone? What about the collateral damage? Can the president give permission to kill suspects knowing that there is a great likelihood that family or neighbors will be killed as well? If there is no due process, then how do we know that the person killed is, in fact, the person that was listed on this “presidential kill list”? Last, but not least, how has our government become this massive, sprawling, entity that can do whatever it decides or desires with no checks and balances and no limitation? The American people need to take action to stop the mutation of the government into something that is against American laws and always has been and stop the morphing of good laws that create a good society into bad laws that create social degradation and fear among the people it is supposed to be serving.

This issue transcends political ties and has both liberals and many conservatives fuming.


Presidential Kill List


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